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Luxi Food

As a visitor in Luxi county,you can taste different food,for example, Luxi sheep soup,Luxi Xiao Long Bao,Luxi casserole,Buckwheat Baba dipped in honey,and Luxi fry noodle.

1, Luxi sheep soup泸西羊汤锅

cut Local lamb into block , respectively add into oil, and salt, and sugar, and health pumping, and sesame oil, and wine, and pepper powder (more put some), and tender meat powder, joined Qi child, and dangshen, and Yam, and longan, and dates, and Astragalus, medicinal material, again added a protein. Mint and uniform seasoning; jiajiangsi and garlic paragraph to fishy, eat Shi with pot joined stew good of soup end of burn open, into pickled good of lamb tablets boiling can, last also can by himself preferences add vegetables or fans, pot distribution dish.


2, Luxi Xiao Long Bao泸西小笼包

Small cage bread, in North said small cage package, is sent stems from South of famous traditional snacks, popular Yu Shanghai, and Changzhou, and Wuxi, and Hangzhou, and Nanjing, many place, and in around are formed their features, as Changzhou taste fresh, Wuxi taste sweet, but they are with thin skin , and fresh incense delicious, common features, and in Kaifeng, and Tianjin, it is also preaching.


3, Luxi casserole泸西砂锅饭 

Due to its unique style, delicious and cheap price, and by an increasing number ofpeople. Kamameshi is: will the new meters Amoy NET, adding the right amountof salt, MSG and mix well, then put into a small casserole and simmer (pottwo to 32), when water and quick-drying, add sausage, tofu skin, Ding, peas,bacon, lard, use the simmer simmer for five minutes and serve. Under eat,fragrant, sweet and salty moderate and very delicious. Such as folded ears,beef jerky and salad served with side dishes taste better.


4, Buckwheat Baba dipped in honey荞粑粑蘸蜂蜜

It is a characteristic of Luxi dish. It uses three ponds, sunny climate coldcold mountain areas, such as buckwheat, ground surface, add the right amountof water, stir fry bread, Baba is the buckwheat. Baba buckwheat andbuckwheat in two flavors, mild not bitter sweet buckwheat, buckwheat Babatastes slightly bitter but refreshing and delicious, more blood-cooling andfire, cool and relaxing effect. When eaten, dipped in Luxi-specific ALUhoney, sweet, and sweet, nutrition and delicious in one, is memorable.


5, Luxi fry noodle泸西炒面

Fry noodles and eggs as the main ingredients of pasta, in China, the delicious fried noodles, Chaoshan dry noodles, Shandong with fried noodles.Pasta main nutrients are protein, fat, carbohydrates and so on; noodles areeasy to digest, improves anemia, strengthens the immune system, balanced nutrition, and so on.

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