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Edible methodBait silk Generally cooked and fried to eat eat two. Cooking method is to bait sweet cut into filaments. With boiling water boiled, add fresh shredded meat or ham, broth or chicken soup, served with soy sauce, chopped green onion, coriander and a little pickle into. Fried eat is Bait Roll into pieces, mixed with fresh meat, egg, tomato, mushroom, Peas sharp Or Chinese cabbage and other seasoning, fry into hot oil. This fried method, called" Fried rice ", Tengchong Also known as" Large Jiujia ". According to legend, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Nanming Yongli emperor fled to Teng. In terribly fatigued when, suffer hunger and cold, eat Tengchong Fried rice Like to eat table delicacies from land and sea, like, unconsciously blurted out: "it Large Jiujia Also! "" large Jiujia. "Hence the name. Now, Tengchong In addition to fresh bait bait silk silk, also be processed into bowl, dry bait silk, fast food bait silk bag your, are exported to all over and Southeast Asian countries. Its carrying and eating are very convenient, as tourists and Teng Teng person a gift to guests. The mass of rice food bait silk, bait formula is very popular in all parts of Yunnan are, but its quality and popularity, Tengchong Bait silk, bait formula is any other place can not be compared, especially the imperial seal hunters "have long enjoyed a good reputation of the large Jiujia" -- Tengchong Fried rice , is its color, fragrance, taste, shape and unique quality dumped the delicious world eater. 

Tengchong bait silk Tengchong People will finish machining of rice bait wire, Bait At least 500 years of history, has been. Word-of-mouth legend, Emperor Zhu Youlang (Nanming Yongli emperor) had fled West, worked in a farm to eat a big bowl Fried rice Allay one's hunger, satiety over yet endless aftertaste, so greatly, and not without emotion will be known as the "big jiujia". Since then, the "big Jiujia" became the Tengchong fried Bait The pronoun "title" and Tengchong, bait the bait silk. Trace the root, Tengchong Bait silk,'s Chengdong suburban bait to Hu Jia Wan produced the most well-known. The purified product, material selecting very strict, technology is also very elegant, its outstanding characteristic is soft and "bones", not long-cooked paste, a little hot food, fine taste glutinous. Tengchong Bait bait silk, eat a variety, can be fried, grilled, boiled: "rescue" is the first reel Bait Slice into triangles or prismatic piece, with fresh meat, ham, egg, mushroom, carrot, tomato, Peas sharp Other accessories and various spicy seasonings in hot pot stir-fried and become, its color colorful, its taste is full of aroma, smooth and not greasy, very fresh and insatiable; the bait into pie baked yellow over a charcoal fire, then stir in the Amomum tsao-ko , star anise, sesame oil, pepper oil and other condiments Dilute powder Slurry, called dilute powder Baba ; meat, soup, vegetables, fresh bait silk in the pot on a roll and just, that pot of bait silk. Now, Tengchong Bait silk of the local special food has long been out of Gaoligongshan, in spring city, Beijing and many metropolitan settle down, and favorite. And a new generation of products -- "cloud Teng food bait silk" respectively in 1994, 1995, 1997 was awarded the "Yunnan province consumer goods" and "the third China township enterprises export commodities exhibition of excellent product" title. Steamed bait silk Select just slaughtered fresh pig hind leg, Elbow In the abdomen, high quality meat, in chestnut charcoal fire burning with the appearance, and then into the warm water soak after the (fire Hu) slag scraping washed, the golden white light, into the casserole, add appropriate amount of Amomum tsao-ko, refined ham, and simmer stew for two. After a day and a night, it prepared the soup and "hat". Bait wire election "yellow Valley" made from rice, spotless, not brittle and not sticky, soft and sweet. This bait silk to the early processing. When eating, the bait silk in 80- hot hot boiling water into the cooked but not rotten, add cooked (Palestinian fire) meat, soup, finely chopped green onion, put on a good soy sauce, Dahongpao tea. Made of sesame oil, then according to the preferences of the guests, add garlic, pepper and other spicy baked. A bowl of authentic Weishan (Palestinian fire) meat bait silk, white soup, taste flavor, entrance delicious, memorable. Qujing steamed bait silk Steamed bait silk is a special snack in Qujing city in Yunnan Province, this snack time can be traced back to the 80's of the last century. Qujing steamed Ersi ingredient for the property when the cheese Bait . It is the Qujing River, the Pearl Street area produced high-quality rice, in a traditional process. Qujing steamed bait silk The blending is very rich, but very elegant. The first is the choice of fresh leek and Qujing steamed bait silk Mung bean sprouts, and specially brewed soy sauce and carefully frying meat. Brewed soy sauce, with a certain proportion of spices, cook until thickened and the flavor, the pot into the container standby. Meat is used fresh porcine front clip hind leg meat, minced and then fried meat sauce. Steamed bait silk The pickled cabbage, is its own carefully preserved, and oil spicy pepper from Qiu North, Sichuan pepper from Xichang, and from Guangxi dysosma, Amomum tsao-ko Fujian produces high-quality, mushrooms, Henan produces washing sesame etc.. In addition, the Qujing Yue Zhen Heng Road production Red garlic Also, it plays an important role in. Of course, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate is an indispensable seasoning.   

Qujing steamed bait silk The production process is not complicated. Take good Bait First, use cold water immersion, and then cut into pieces, and then evenly shred, put in the wood or bamboo steamer steamer steamed to bait silk soft, take a bowl, put the Zhuo cooked leek, Mung bean sprouts , transferred to salt, sugar, MSG, pour the cooked soy sauce, cover the meat sauce, mashed garlic, sprinkle with pickled cabbage, like to eat spicy customers also can put oil spicy, finally, mix well can be eaten. Customers eat bait silk, drink a bowl sprinkle cheese soup of green onion, it is really lead a person to endless aftertastes! Away from home, to know the taste of home! The sun and the moon

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