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Cangyuan Overview

Geographical Position

Cangyuan Va Autonomous County (沧源佤族自治县; pinyin) is located in Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan, China Cangyuan Va Autonomous County(沧源佤族自治县)situates near the tropic of Cancer, so its climate is very pleasant. It is one of the most famous typical regions of “Awa Mounts”(阿瓦山) in Yunnan. More than 20 minority groups, among which Wa people takes up the largest proportion of the population, have lived in Cangyun all their lives.. Wa/Va people is the main inhabitants here. Wa language is common here. Located in the southwest region of Yunnan, lying among the misty Awa Mounts, Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County has long been well-known as “A mystical Place” ever since ancient times.  The County, under the direct administration of Lincang City, sits on the Lancang River, with Burma as her closest neighbor on the west, and is over 800 km away from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. More than 20 minority groups, among which Wa people takes up the largest proportion of the population, have lived in Cangyun all their lives. What is more interesting is that 14 minority groups have been inhabiting in the area beyond the border between China and Burma, which makes the ethnic culture and customs even more diverse and colorful. All the friends from the whole globe, welcome to Cangyun! Welcome to experience the real life of Awa people! Awashan (Awa Mount) is a place full of mysteries and excitements, once you step into Awashan, you are sure to experience the feeling of being in a xanadu. Why hesitate to enjoy all these together with Awa people!


 With a population of 160 thousand Wa people, Cangyun County naturally becomes the core of Wa Culture in Yunnan. Because of its speciality of geographical location and its ethnic diversity, Cangyun is also regarded as a center where multicultural religions can be found. It’s really amazing that many activities of some world-famous religions can be found here, which is quite impossible in many other resorts at home and abroad.  Here, you can inspect the mysterious ancient cliff paintings and watch the grand sacrifice ceremony of “Cattle-slaughtering(屠牛)” and “Wood-dragging Drum Dance(木鼓舞)”, which is unique only to Wa people. There are also quite a few scenic spots and historical sites looking forward to meeting our guests from afar, some of which are state reserved. They are Guanyun Buddism Temple(广允佛寺), Nangun River Nature Reserve(南滚河自然保护区), Banhong Anti-British Battle Monument(班洪抗英纪念碑),Menglai Cliff(勐来崖厦)Menglai Palm Beach(勐来董棕林),Canglong Cave( 藏龙洞)and the High Tower standing on the borderline in Banlao village.Another wonderful scenic spot is the Stone Buddha Cave(石佛洞), which is just a few kilometers away from the Ancient Cliff Paintings(沧源崖画). Some historic sites of the Paleolithic Period and the the Neolithic Period are well reserved and protected, and there are also some very old wild tea trees, which witnessed the whole history of Wa people, standing proudly among the Awa mounts. One of the most outstanding sites----the Primitive Tribe Site in Wengding(翁丁原始村落)which has been developed by Yunnan Travel Bureau, has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world ever since it was opened. Wa people’s mysterious, diverse and fascinating culture and its unique ethnic customs are seldom seen elsewhere in the whole world. Some of the natural and cultural resources are still remained to be exploited and developed. Welcome to join us!



Administrative Division

Till 2014, Cangyuan Va Autonomous County  have jurisdiction over  townships 4 towns, 93 village committees, a state - owned farm. government. Embassy of the county government is Mengdong Township( 勐董镇). Mengdong Township(勐董镇)、Yanshuai Township(岩帅镇)、Mengsheng Township(勐省镇)、Mangka Township(芒卡镇) Dantian Village、(单田乡)、Nuoliang Village(糯良乡)、Menglai Village(勐来乡)、Meng Jiao Dai and Yi xiang and Lahu Village(勐角傣族彝族拉祜族乡)、Banhong Village(班洪乡)、Banlao Village(班老乡).


 Ethnic group

Till 2014, Cangyuan Va Autonomous County total  has Han(汉族) 、Wa(佤族)、Yi(彝族)、Dai(傣族)、Lahu(拉祜族)、Zhuang(壮族)、Bai(白族)、Hui(回族)、Lisu(傈僳族)、Miao(苗族).

    Cangyuan County

Location of Cangyuan County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
  Location of Cangyuan County (pink) and Lincang   Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China






Lincang City


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Postal code


Area code(s)



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