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Shuangjiang Overview

Geographical Location

Shuangjiang Lahu, Va, Blang and Dai Autonomous County (双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治县; pinyin: Shuāngjiāng lāhùzú wǎzú bùlǎngzú dǎizú Zìzhìxiàn) is located in Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan, China.The Lahus ethnic minority has a population of 453,705, mainly distributed in the Lancang Lahu Autonomous County in Simao Prefecture(思茅) Southern Lincang Prefecture and Menghai County(勐海) in western Xishuangbann  in Yunnan Province. Others live in counties along the Lancang River. The county is located along State Road 214, 104 kilometers away from the distance of Lincang, Lincang Airport 80 km, 755 km away from Kunming. Shuangjiang County land area of 2165.03 square kilometers, the Tropic of cancer across the county. Shuangjiang County high terrain in the northwest, southeast low, central valley. The maximum elevation of 3233 meters, the minimum altitude of 670 meters, the 1050 meters altitude, landform height difference is large, undulating mountains and valleys.



Shuangjiang Lahu, Brown and Dai Autonomous County of the territory of the many rivers, is the Lancang River, there are 106 rivers, the river flows south Meng River, a total length of 80 km, from 60 tributaries, runoff area of 184.74 square kilometers, the average annual runoff of 5.14 cubic meters / sec.  Because of Shuangjiang Lancang River And The little black river The intersection is named for the county southeast, belonging to the Yunnan province Lincang City, county land area of 2165.03 square kilometers, administer 4 Township 2 towns 72 villages and 3 communities overseas Management District It is a multi ethnic culture Chinese Shuangjiang Town, is the only China by Lahu family, Brown family, Dai WA, consisting of4 main united multi-ethnic autonomous county. It is Chinese Shuangjiang Mengku tea native, originated in Shuangjiang Mengku tea, in 60, 80 in two by the National Committee for Chinese traditional varieties of tea tea varieties. Shuangjiang is green pearl on the Tropic of cancer, The Tropic of cancer Across Shuangjiang County is a typical south subtropical climate, humid monsoon climate. Shuangjiang ferry(双江渡口),Mangnuo stone censer(忙糯石刻群),Shennong Temple(神农祠).


Administrative divisions

As of 2014, Brown and Dai Autonomous County Shuangjiang Lahu, VA town (双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治县)(township 2 Jurisdiction 4 MengmengTown(勐勐镇), Mangku town( 勐库镇) , Shahe Xiang(沙河乡) , Dawen Xiang(大文乡) ,Mangnuo(忙糯村), Bangbing Township( 邦丙乡) 72 villages, 3 community and farm management district . 



Ethnic groups

As of 2013, the total population of 170000 people .It is a multi ethnic culture China Shuangjiang Township,living  The Lahu family , Wa , The Brown family Bai, Dai, Yi, and other 23 ethnic minority population, accounted for 45%, the Brown family is one of the main settlements and cultural birthplace.Ethnic Wa (population: 11,613) are concentrated in the west and south of Shuangjiang County, especially in the following two villages (Shuangjiang County Almanac).

Man'e (勐峨), Shahe Township (沙河乡)Nanxie( 南协), Bangbing Township( 邦丙乡).

      Shuangjiang County

Location of Shuangjiang County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
  Location of   Shuangjiang County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan   province of China






Lincang City


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Postal code


Area code(s)



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