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Yunxian Overview

 Geographical position

 Yun County or Yunxian (Chinese云县;: Yún Xiàn) is located in Lincang Prefecture, southwest of Yunnan, China. Yunxian located northeast of Lincang Prefecture ,next to Jingdong County of Puer  Prefecture ,the border is Lincang and Gengma County in its south, its neighbors in the west is Fengqing and Yongde, It is bounded on the north by the Lancang River and next to the Nanjian County of Dali. The county from north to south is  90.4 kilometers,the maximum horizontal distance is 84.2 km. It covers an area of 3760 square kilometers and administe 7 countryside and 7 towns including 190 village committees and two communities. Yunxian county  is  the main road of Lingcang city .The Aihua Township located in the intersection of State Road 214 highway and Yun-Bao Road. North to Dali, west to Baoshan, east to Kunming, south to  Mengding, south to Nansan and even arrive at the center of Myanmar. Located in the Central hinterland of Manwan, Dachaoshan and Xiaowan Hydropower Station(小湾水电站).



Yunxian is about 514 kilometers away from the provincial capita of Kunming, 85 kilometers from Lincang administrative office location.The total population of the county is 41 million, where the minority population accounts for 50 percent of the total population. The number of the ethnic population more than a thousand is Han, Yi, Bai, Dai, Lahu, Bulang, Hui, Lisu and Miao . Lancang River flows through 3 towns and 3 countryside, the domestic flow is 130.9 kilometers. Yunxian County elevation is 1107.6 meters. Yunxianis the majority road of  Lincang City, and the northern gate for intercourse to hinterland of Yunnan Province. Lancang River, mountains, valleys and hot dam of Yunxian formed a very unique three-dimensional climate and amazing natural landscape. The original forest is full of trees on Snow mountain and Dabing mountain(大丙山), the water is clear in Nage river (拿戈河) Wenzhu River(温竹河)and Nayu River(拿鱼河).After the reform and opening up, he economic of Yunxian rapid develop,

transportation , communications and the infrastructure  of urban continuous improve  for tourist reception, and service provides a good condition.Yunxian has a long history and extend culture, the discovery of Neolith “Manghuai” near Lancang River to prove that humans evolved here thousands of years ago, in addition to the  drums, copper spear of Western Han Dynasty ,the  pottery  of Yan and Ming Dynasties, Maolan Chang'an bridge(茂兰长安桥),Wenbi Tower (文笔塔), Old mosque(古老清真寺), Dawu temple(大武庙). A large number of cultural relics and cultural landscape show that this piece of land with a splendid culture. However, the most fascinating is the Lancang River with long Lakes and mountains, the most notable is the Asia's most distinctive hydropower bases - Manwan Hydropower Station(漫湾水电站) and Dachaoshan Hydropower Station(大朝山水电站) which have two million kilowatt-class Hydropower Stations. There are Lancang Bali Long Lake Tourist Area(澜沧江百里长湖旅游区),  Cai Fachun Mansion ( 杜文秀部将蔡发春府第),Liangshan eco-holiday ( 亮山生态度假旅游), Da Kongbeng spring groups ( 大控蚌汽沸泉群), Yunxian revolutionary martyrs Monument.( 云县革命烈士纪念碑), Maolan Chang'an bridge(茂兰长安桥)and other tour attractions.


Administrative Division

Aihua Township(爱华镇) Manwan Township(漫湾镇)  Da Chaoshan Township(大朝山西镇)Yongbao Township( 涌宝镇) Maolao Township(茂兰镇 ) Xingfu Township(幸福镇) Dazhai Township(大寨镇) Manghuai Village  (忙怀乡) Xiaojie Village( 晓街乡 ) Chafang Village(茶房乡) Lishu Village( 栗树乡 ) Houqin Yi Village(后箐彝族乡)


 Ethnic groups

According to the Yun County Almanac (2006:527), the Limi 利米人 (an Yi subgroup) and Dai 傣族, both located in Xingfu Township 幸福乡, preserve both their traditional clothing and language. However, the following peoples preserve their language, but not their traditional clothing.

·         Xiangtang 香堂: Xinmin 新民 Dazhai Township 大寨镇

·         Tuli 土里: Shaojie 哨街、Houshan 后山 of Maolan Township 茂兰镇

·         Luoluo 倮倮: Hewai 河外,[4] Aihua Township 爱华镇




Yun County
Location of Yun County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Yun County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
PrefectureLincang City
 • Total398,064
Postal code675800
Area code(s)0883
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Yunnan Portal









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