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Zhenkang Overview

Geographical location:

Zhenkang County 镇康县; pinyin: Zhènkāng Xiàn) is located in Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Zhenkang is located in the southwest border between Yunnan Province. It is in the middle of Nanting Nujiang River,neighboring Gengma County in the south, Yongde County in the east, bordered on Guogan County of Myanmar in the west and Longling County of Baoshan in the north. It covers an total land area of 2642 square kilometers.The geographical coordinates of longitude 98 degrees 40 '19 "-99" 22' 42 ", 23 degrees north latitude 37 degrees 15 '' 14" -24 32 ". The perimeter of 318.6 kilometers, of which 96.358 km long border, east-west width of 71.9 kilometers, 70.6 kilometers long from north to south, the total land area of 2642 square kilometers. County to the East and Yongde County The southern border, and Gengma County Adjacent to the West and Burma, Shan first SAR Bold County Connected, North and Baoshan City Longling County Nu River across the sea, is one of the 25 border counties in Yunnan province. 


Zhenkang county is the highest point of the snow mountain bamboo lumber Town, 2978 meters above sea level, the lowest point Nan Tinghe In the next stage of Dahuaqiao, 510 meters above sea level, the relative elevation 2468 meters. The total area of Zhongshan area accounted for 98%, accounting for 2% of the area.  Zhenkang County  in the low latitude mountain subtropical monsoon climate. The main climatic characteristics for large areas of climate is hot, ample sunshine, frost free period is short, four seasons is not obvious, abundant rainfall, wet season, vertical changes. Zhengkang enjoys rich   land resources, water resources, mineral resources and biological resources. Here also enjoy rich science attraction such as : Multinational cave(南伞跨国溶洞)Male and female falls(镇康雌雄瀑布)Nanpenghe Nature Reserve(南捧河自然保护区)Zhenkang Hot spring (镇康温泉) Zhenkang Cave(镇康县溶洞).


Administrative division:

Fengwei Town(凤尾镇)Nansan Town( 南伞镇),Mengpeng Town (勐捧镇)Mangbing Village( 忙丙乡)Mengdui Village (勐堆乡),Muyang Village(木场乡),Junsai Village(军赛乡)


Ethnic Groups:

Zhenkang County han, Wa Dai, De angzu , Lisu , The Brown family Miao, The Lahu family The 23 ethnic groups.In 2010, the sixth national census register population in Zhenkang County, the Han population of 129398 people, accounting for 73.37% of the total population; the minority population is 46958, accounting for 26.63% of the total population.Ethnic Bulang are found in the following villages in Zhenkang County :

 Muchang District (木场区): Dalong 打龙, Mangxi 忙喜,Laohuangtian 老黄田, Jiuzhai 旧寨, Wengkong 翁控 in Dengteng 等藤

 Fengwei Town( 凤尾镇): Xuancai Village 轩菜村


      Zhenkang County

Location of Zhenkang County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
  Location of Zhenkang County (pink) and Lincang Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan   province of China






Lincang City




Postal code


Area code(s)



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