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Honghe County Food

There are a lot of food in Honghe county ,for example , Yunnan fried grasshoppers云南油炸蚂蚱, Burnt eel烧黄鳝, Burnt bamboo rice烧竹筒饭, Yisa cattle dry迤萨小黄牛干巴.you visitors can not miss them.



1.Yunnan fried grasshoppers云南油炸蚂蚱

In 18 in Yunnan province, there is a strange "grasshoppers present food and wine". The grasshoppers, locusts is what we often say, is so common that it does ordinary worms, who was renamed here: "jump". In old China, one year North locust, grasshoppers fly over, blocks. As far as I could see, grass, leaves, have been swept away, terrible grasshopper. In northwest of Yunnan province, Yunnan province, when come the autumn harvest of millet, the shadow Valley is full of grasshoppers in the field. Walk from the Ridge, a "di da" sound, the hasty will be trampled to death a few grasshoppers. At this time, women would cut corn and grasshoppers caught a plug into the apron.



2.Burnt eel烧黄鳝

Burning of monopterus Albus, Honghe Yi branch of BU's family is the traditional dish. Eat the eel FRY is cooked, spicy fragrance, refreshing taste. BU family catching eel is very interesting. Just finished your rice, put Ridge, at night, all roads lead to strong and fat eel came out from the Earth, lying in the dirt to rest. At this time, BU home young men a waist of eel baskets, carrying torches, holding bamboo tongs catch eels. Some good eel traps caught seven or eight pounds a night. Back home into the fire of the fireplace, living in Huangshan has become a sort of circle eel rolls. Then strung on bamboo eel holidays, or House guests, has become the preferred meat dishes. 



3.Burnt bamboo rice烧竹筒饭

Yangchun, Ailao mountains, smoke like fog around; the cottage surrounded by bamboo outside the peach blossom. Supposes is the scene!, wearing a crest Cap Hani girl, wearing homespun clothes of the little guy, pairs go outing. Play full, try, they start to "picnic"--collecting tree branches come and make a fire, already prepared on the bamboo rice over a fire. For a while, hillside filled with exotic fragrance. Hani is known as "burnt bamboo rice" practices. Bamboo rice, it's really quite simple: select a tender bamboo, saw percentage cut an opening at one end closed at one end of the bamboo and Amomum Tsao-Ko, red rice, meat, peanuts and mix in it.


4.Yisa cattle dry迤萨小黄牛干巴

Yisa small cattle dry is a product of Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan province, Honghe County yisazhen. HONGHE County produces small cattle dry, rosy, aromatic attractive, love people, a best gift for gifts to friends and relatives. Yisa small cattle-sounding, the first is the local servants and Dai laren (Yi Branch) one of the finest foods. They kept local small cattle slaughtered, selection of meat cut into strips, add salt, pepper, pepper, fennel seeds, mixed with a small amount of white wine sauce, into the basin, macerate for two or three hours and then take out the dried preserved into dry. To work in the field, takes a bag of cold rice, put inside a piece of cooked dry .


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