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Honghe County History

Honghe County is located in the lower reaches of Yuanjiang, Red River, hence the name. An yizhou County in Western Han dynasty, Han yi Zhou of the genus yizhou counties. Three Kingdoms is Yi Zhou XING Gu County. Jin dynasty and Southern dynasties Liang an its County, North Korea belongs to the Nanning Zhou Zhou. Sui is a State Superintendent's House in Nanning. Department of early Tang dynasty belongs to South Road and pretty, Tang-nanzhao during sea military Governor. The song an xiushan County of Dali. Li Lin an Xuan Wei Secretary of Yuanjiang and mud road, Yuan Jiang Road, Guangxi. Genus Linan Fu ming and Qing dynasties. Eight years of Qing emperor Yongzheng (1730) in July, the Linan House is Yi host; 31 years of Qianlong (1766) in October, the Linan House is Yi Road; 13-year of the Guangxu reign (1887) in October, the Linan House belongs to Lin an open wide road. During the Republic of China belong to Yuanjiang, Shiping, Jianshui counties.


On January 27, 1950 in Yuanjiang County, under the jurisdiction of yisa, Daxing, riding 3 Xiang; Shiping think rotor, Standard Chartered, down fear and Zuo Neng, over capacity, below the capacity of 6 townships and Ping in Jianshui County (also known as streams) three fierce, broadcast, Tusi district independent Pullman car insurance on the home, establishment of Honghe County under mengzi section. On January 10, 1951, the Cabinet approved: the Elimination of Honghe, establishment of Honghe County love the ethnic autonomous regions (at county level).


In 1953, the revocation of Honghe County love ethnic autonomous region, restore the establishment of Honghe County. In January 1954, the Hani nationality of Honghe Prefecture of Yi autonomous region (ground level), the Hani nationality of Honghe County into the Red River Yi nationality autonomous region. On November 18, 1957, the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous was formally established in Honghe County in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous.

On April 29, 1955, in Honghe County sixth district (da XING Zhen), seventh district (riding Dam) was placed under the newly created County Office of the six villages. The State Council on December 5, 1984 (letter No 169th) reply: Honghe HA Ah Xiang meipu village was placed under the jurisdiction of the Yuanjiang Hani.


On February 23, 1987, by Communist Yunnan Provincial, and Yunnan Province Government approved: will Red River State Honghe die Ma, and three village two a district by's 12 a Xiang, and 131 a village, and 157 a cooperatives, and 4357 households, and 24238 people, and area 363.8 square km, and Simao Prefecture, mojiang Hani autonomous Dragon dam, and that HA two a district by's 14 a Xiang, and 177 a village, and 4706 households, and 33589 people, and area 456 square km merged established black Woods SAR, for Deputy County formed , Established the Communist Party Office of the Working Committee and the Black Forest Black Forest the HKSAR from mojiang escrow. In May 1988, the dark forest revocation of the SAR, he m, three villages in two districts in Honghe County.


2010 sixth times census, Honghe resident population 296480 people, which: yisazhen 35767 people, methyl c Xiang 26194 people, treasure China Xiang 21891 people, Lorne Xiang 23511 people, stone Zhai Xiang 16769 people, Aza, R. Xiang 39828 people, Le Yu Xiang 23655 people, waves di Xiang 27859 people, big sheep Street Xiang 19175 people, car ancient Xiang 12769 people, frame car Xiang 20941 people, die Ma Xiang 14937 people, II village Xiang 13184 people.


In 2014, the yisazhen is listed as a national key towns.


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