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Pingbian County Food

Because the specific Geographical Location( Pingbian is located on bottom of a mountain to the north of  Honghe valley, which flows from Tibetto Vietnam), people prefer  rice as their dish.meanwhile,for the hot weather ,they also like eating vegetables and fruits.There are plenty of delicious food in Pingbian county.  

Zhuang colored rice壮族花米饭

Zhuang colored rice

Zhuang nationality in pingbian County, Southeastern Flower rice is the traditional "March" folk culture Festival food. Mainly featured the first goodsticky rice as the main material. They dug from the mountains for some roots ofwild plants flowers and leaves, used to extract the red, yellow, green, purple,and black pigments (pigment generated for the natural plant, toxic pollution-free, and non-chemical products), and then made these pigments and selected common soak glutinous rice to make it stain, and then put it in the steamersteamed. Such a flower of rice, color, flavor, either steam or dry after frying with oil and fresh, crispy and delicious, unique flavor.  

Pingbian fire carbon bacteriafire carbon bacteria火碳菌

Fire of carbon in various wild bacteria, are snow white, and other things by hand, and immediately turn to black, and chestnut carbon is like fire in the winter, hence the name is fire carbon bacteria. 

Pingbian White River cold chickenWhite River cold chicken白河凉鸡

Pingbian County, southeastern is the culinary flavor of brand-name products,selected local is not laying eggs or chicken that is not singing, through aspecial manufacturing method, and Baihe Township unique geographical and climatic conditions, Pak Hok Shan cooking and natural mineral water. Serve with a special sour, sweet, linen, hot spicy millet dipped in water, taste spicy and delicious, succulent tender and delicate. 

Beautiful-ass-flavored-jerky-Pingbian-City-Honghe.jpgBeautiful ass-flavored jerky美驴味肉干

Donkey is known as "sky Dragon meat donkey underground" reputation. Chinese medicine believes, donkey meat sweet, cool, toxic, effect of tonifying Qi andnourishing blood and tranquilizing mind, modern medicine, donkey meat proteincontent higher than beef, pork, and low fat content, high protein low fat foodsis ideal.

Vertical chicken鸡纵

Longitudinal strain in chicken is a delicious delicacies, known as the King ofbacteria, their flesh fleshy sturdy, thin silk white, taste sweet and crisp,delicious fragrance, is comparable to chicken, named chicken longitudinalstrain. Longitudinal strain in chicken season June-September every year, mostly grown in unpolluted forests of red soil hillside. Vertical chicken is rich incalcium, phosphorus, iron, protein and other nutrients, can be stir-fried, Zhusoup, make the sauce. As one of the best-loved edible, useful, clear God,bleeding of the stomach medicine cure hemorrhoids and other effects.

Millet Spicy lemon chicken小米辣柠檬鸡

Restaurant along the Red River in pingbian County Xin Cheng-special Spicy lemonchicken-millet, and its always delicious mouth-watering, linger, that originalcitric acid, enough millet spicy, tender chicken are attracted.

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