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Jianshui County History

Originallyknown Butou步头, also called Aberdeen巴甸. When building Donnan Chao Hui Licheng, Chinese translated as "Jianshui", belonging to the sea Du du.通海都督府,Song Dali period belong Xiushan County A white portion. Yuan set up Jianshui county state, said the Ming Dynasty Lin'an government. Qianlong rebuilted the state for Jianshui.

Western Han Dynasty ewe Ke County no drop-county牂柯郡毋掇县. Han Yizhou county no drop ewe Ke County.  Sanguo is Yizhou County Jianning County no drop. Western Jin Xing Ning Gogun no drop-county牂柯郡毋掇县. East Jinzhi Nan Ning toward the beam genus. Northern Zhou is Nanning states. Sui is under the jurisdiction of Nanning state house east cook ground. Early Tang is Jiannan Road Rongzhou; Tang yuan and years (806 - 820), built in Nanzhao water building benefits Licheng (Translation construction Watertown), under the sea Dudu. Early this country set up Jianshui county Dali County, Hou Cuan sentenced to Aberdeen manor, late Xiushan county belong to the Arab section of Bo

   At the beginning of Yuan dynasty ,it was provided Jianshui 1000, it belongs to the Arab Bo million阿僰万户; Yuan thirteen years to Jianshui renamed state, Li Lin Road (rule sea). Hongwu fifteen years (1382), change Lin'an Lin'an Road House, the government moved to build water treatment states, and set up Lin'an guard command the division (southern Yunnan military command authority), antipodes rebuilt brick city, it is also known as build Watertown Lin'an City. Early Qing Ming along the system, this home town of Lin'an government and the provisional commander yuan, Jianshui county states in Lin'an government. Qing Emperor Yongzheng eight years (1730) in July, Lin'an government is winding East Road. Thirty-one years of Qianlong (1766) in October, Lin'an government is winding south road. Thirty-five years of Qianlong (1770) in February, converted water state for Jianshui, still Lin'an government. Guangxu thirteen years (1887) in October, Lin'an government临安府 is Linankaiguang Road.

   In the first year (1912) in October, location Jianshui Lin'an government was abolished by President Li Jianshui Lin'an prefectural administration. In 1913, revocation Lin'an government, re-established the county government in Jianshui county, renamed Lin'an County; will draw Jianshui North, located Qujiang administrative committee, is a county-level administrative organs, Li Mengzi Road. In three years (1914) in January, because of the same name and Zhejiang Lin'an County, still restore Jianshui old name. In seven years (1918), the withdrawal of Qujiang administrative committee, change management by the Qujiang County Junior Jianshui County Junior delegated by the provincial government. In 1922 (1922), the Qujiang County Junior set aside, an additional Qu River County, the county government in New Street (approved in November 1929). In eighteen years (1929), after Jianshui county waste Road, Qu River County, the provincial crown. In 31 years (1942), Jianshui county, Qu River County in Yunnan third Chief Inspector (in Jianshui County). In thirty-seven years (1948), Jianshui county, Quxi fifth county in Yunnan Province Chief Inspector (in Jianshui County).

    In 2005, the revocation of Qujiang Town曲江镇, Limin and Li Hao  Township李浩寨乡 happened, and the establishment of new Qujiang town, the town government in the Qujiang town government resident was completed..


Famous people


Zhang Long张隆, Ming Dynasty ,water Californian. Orthodox tribute students. Prefect of Hangzhou, West Lake dredging, repair Bai Causeway, Sir Georg Solti, governance Chang River, excellent performance, impartiality and integrity, to an audience with the emperor. After the mother died, she came back to keep the tomb. Built in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing water first four Yin Temple worship, Zhang Long ranks first four yin. Champion Yangsheng have inscriptions, said Zhang Gong, "the official at the grease is not self-fertile, moist Westlake wide their profits, Akira water security of their spade, appraisal three years, most in the whole Zhejiang." Old records called "Following whitening, Sue."



Liu Zhu, 刘洙 Ming Dynasty ,Jianshui Californian. Masanori Scholars. Officials any Criminal Division, and other staff are Decadence, point out problems, dare to expostulation. With a "memorial to the throne," three volumes, "Senate split" in five volumes. Its recorded history Loading governance advocates. After the resignation in their hometowns, professor children, rescue villagers. As its champion Yangsheng "Liu Qian table are admonished," after the town erected abnormal village.



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