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Jianshui County Overview

Design you Jianshui tour?Jianshui´s extensive architectural legacy bears witness to this former glory, and charms those few visitors it does receive. Though it has a history dating back to the Han dynasty, Jianshui garnered more recent historical attention when a brief rebellion was staged here during the 1911 Revolution and it became the base for the Southern Army garrison. Jianshui is still reaping the rewards of its ancient position as a regional trade center.

‣Where Jianshui Is

Jianshui County is a city in Honghe prefecture, Yunnan province, China. It was historic center of the province and remains an important transportation crossroad. Previously, it has been known as Ling'an  . The geographical coordinates of 23 ° 37'N, 102 ° 50'E. To the east lies Jijie, to the west Shiping, to the southeast Gejiu and Yuanyang, to the north Tonghai.

‣Basic Information


●Chinese Name:建水

●Key Words:transportation crossroad

●Total Areas:3789 square kilometers

●Elevation:1,517 m

●Population:500,000 (2004)

●Time Zone:China  Standard (UTC+8)

‣Jianshui Administrative Divisions

By 2014, Jianshui has jurisdiction over 4 towns, 8 townships.Linan Town临安镇、Qujiang Town曲江镇、Nanzhuang Town南庄镇、Xizhuang Town西庄镇、Qinglong Town青龙乡、Chake Town岔科乡、Miandian Town面甸乡、Poyou Town坡头乡、Guanting Town官厅乡、Puxiong Town普雄乡、Panjiang Town盘江乡、Dianwei Town甸尾乡。

‣What to see in Jianshui

Tuanshan Village,built in Qing Dynasty, regarded as the Gem of Chinese Civil Houses

Swallow Cave,an splendid and important scenic area of the national-level historic and cultural city Jianshui.

Jianshui Old Town,one of the national famous historic and cultural towns of China.

The Double-Dragon Bridge,also called the Seventeen-Archway Bridge, is a large stone bridge with three towers and 17 archways.

Swallow Cave

                         Swallow Cave

Double Dragon Bridge

                Double Dragon Bridge

Zhu Family Garden

                 Zhu Family Garden

‣Jianshui Festivals

Confucius Cultural Festival is a financial sage, cultural exchanges, tourism, academic research, the Electronics brigade cooperation in one of the colorful, interesting large-scale comprehensive international tourism festivals. During each activity, people will hold grand and warm, colorful opening ceremony on September 26; anniversary of the birth of Confucius, held a rally in front of the temple Confucius Temple Dacheng 孔庙大成殿September 28, were spectacular Confucius campaign to hair think of ancient times past, to achieve admiration in memory of the first division aspiration of Confucius.

‣Jianshui Pottery

Yunnan Purple pottery tea(云南紫陶茶具)continuously oxidized and reduced between 1150-1250 degree heat baked in, natural clean, contains iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, strontium and other dozen of beneficial minerals. Yunnan multi-ethnic culture has created profound simplicity elegant purple pottery tea appearance, acid and alkali, smooth soft, breathable insulation, unique; pottery tea purple (purple clay pot, purple pottery tea storage) lets tea full stretch, gave birth to Chen incense sticks original original leaf, mellow flavor of the tea on its head, with purple pottery production storage place Pu'er tea, tea can make adequate breathing, tea can improve the speed and quality of aging,it is located best of tea utensils

‣Where to Stay in Jianshui

Linan Hotel(临安酒店)

Zhu Family Garden Hotel(朱家花园)

Jianshui Hotel(建水酒店)

‣Jianshui Transportation

Early in the Tang Dynasty , Jianshui is Silk Road south traffic arteries. State Road 323 lines across the county, Mongolia (self) Po (show) railway through the county and communicating with the Vietnam Railway滇越铁路, county highway more than a thousand kilometers. Geographic location, 220 km from the provincial capital of Kunming, 250 kilometers from the border crossings estuary, 80 km from the airport Mengzi, is the provincial capital of the south bank of the Red River counties leading transit point for supplies and merchandise distribution center in southern Yunnan.

‣Travel Tips in Jianshui

Taxis are not metered in Jianshui. Taxi rates are ¥4 (within scope of 3 km) From 6 am to 10 pm, after 10 pm, the rates are ¥5. If your destination is over 3 km, taxi driver will charge you higher price. Since taxi drivers can’t speak English, so your best plan will be to have someone write down your destination in Chinese on a piece of paper. Tips should not be offered. 

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