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Tengchong Culture

As the Tengchong is "very edge of the first city" of the special geographical location makes it the edge of the impact of the Central Plains culture area, and promote the Central Plains culture and frontier integration of minority cultures, Chinese culture and is a combination of the collision with the Ministry of Culture in Southeast Asia, the final to show to people is a unique to the Central Plains culture as the main, including the Silk Road culture, pass culture, business culture, cultural border town, hometown culture, celebrity culture, ecological culture, war culture, national culture, jade culture including multicultural vault culture.

1. Chinese cultural influence of marginal zone

Tengchong has had since the Han Dynasty moved, followed into the Central Plains culture, with the impact of several dynasties since the Han culture has become mainstream culture Tengchong, but Chinese culture is not a simple copy of the Central Plains culture and transplantation He integrated into the existing local culture is a kind of Chinese culture-based, Tengchong unique local culture.


2. Chinese culture and minority culture

Tengchong territory Dai, Hui, Lisu Lisu, Wa, white, Achang six kinds of native and foreign migration to the 23 kinds of ethnic, colorful ethnic customs, in the long-term development formed its own unique ethnic culture, in Chinese culture into the future with the continued integration of the nation, due to the advanced nature of Chinese culture, other cultures will inevitably lead to variation, this variation in the performance of the original ethnic enclave of ethnic and cultural shift on the use of advanced Chinese culture, ultimately the formation of a minority culture, Chinese culture and fusion.


3.Collision with the Ministry of Culture in Southeast Asia

Tengchong in Yunnan early development of the history of one of the areas by the Central Plains Han Confucian culture; while Tengchong bordering Myanmar, Yunnan and Southeast Asia, leading to India, Pakistan and other South Asian areas; coupled with the history of talented people in Tengchong, to the field, overseas living, education, business persons and more weight, the famous hometown, which inevitably makes a lot of inflow of foreign culture, the development of border trade and accelerate the cultural interaction. Tengchong culture into a number of Southeast Asian, South Asian cultural elements, increasing its heterogeneity and the Central Plains culture.


4.Merchants combination of culture and cultural jade

Tengchong specific regional advantages to become one of Yunnan Province, the birthplace of industry and commerce. Merchant culture in the vault on earth is unique. Thousand years ago the trail from the West, the land of merchants vault culture and long history. Throughout the ages, vault who value commercial, academic, business and emphasis on the expedition, which is typical of merchant culture vault. Since ancient times, commercial development, now jump over the earth still see the trail aspect, bridges over, the mass flow out caravan mule traces remain, and therefore there are merchants cultural derivatives, such as trail culture, bridges cultural, caravan and culture .

September 1, 2005 in Beijing Great Hall of the Asian Federation of jade jewelry inaugural meeting of the Asian Chamber of Commerce jointly awarded the Tengchong Jewelry "China Jade City" in the title.

Tengchong jade from Myanmar Pagan Origin tight 358 km, the history of jade culture is an important birthplace of China, jade processing and distribution center. Since the Ming Dynasty, Tengchong, our ancestors were the first to discover and process jade, to the early 1940s, Tengchong jade into China almost the only channel, transactions accounted for 90% of the world, jade trade radiation to more than 30 countries on five continents, the emergence of a "three-Sheng Road", "Yuen Shing Road", "Baolong number", "Hong Shengxiang", "Mao Heng" and other foreign trade firm, created the Myanmar National Division Yin Rong, Hai Ting Jade King-inch, Zhang Baoting such a approved reputed people in Southeast Asia, a large number of trained craftsmen, create a section of home jade, jade Qiluo, for fourth-jade, jade and other precious jade Zhenkun, name jade, jade achievements was the world's trading centers and machining centers. Through generation of Confucian tireless efforts and countless years of history accumulated, forming deep inside the vault jade culture.


5.Tenacious cultural resistance

Burma Road is located in Tengchong, Tengchong Longling segment to the end of the extension. 1942 Japanese invasion of western Yunnan, Tengchong fall. In order to recover Tengchong Town, Tengchong, China Expeditionary Force fought a bloody war in 127 days, wipe out the Japanese, writing out of the war in western Yunnan, a brilliant and successful offensive war. In Tengchong, the National Memorial Cemetery of many foreign visitors will come to the land, not for the purpose of people to enjoy good scenery, but to cherish the memory of the year to recover Tengchong Chinese anti-Japanese soldiers lost their lives, and learn more about western Yunnan War history. Within the cemetery, more than 3,000 soldiers who died eternal rest here, a silent period of 60 years ago, tells the history of Sino-Japanese War, tells of Tengchong People indomitable spirit of resistance.


6.Long-standing culture of hometown

Tengchong County, outside the overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, returned overseas has reached 16 million, mostly in Chinese outside Myanmar, Thailand, Southeast Asia, more than twenty countries and regions. County's 18 townships (towns) are outside the overseas Chinese, especially in the cis town, county towns up to the next Qiluo village. In the thousand years of history, Tengchong and overseas Chinese in overcoming all obstacles to create a brilliant, brilliant created Tengchong hometown of material and spiritual civilization achievements, they are patriotic, the foreign advanced technology and advanced industrial culture back to the motherland, Tengchong in China and home run from the various factories and family workshops, promote and facilitate the process of civilization Tengchong, Tengchong's development and prosperity to make a contribution. The survival of their compatriots home, but also because of its unique natural landscape, cultural landscape and the simplicity of ethnic customs, as well as by foreign civilizations mingled, they constitute a unique hometown culture. Overseas suppliers are also Ru Tengchong also a distinctive feature of overseas culture, "man walking four, find the money to build the home" is a typical representative of Tengchong culture overseas.


7.The vicissitudes of the Silk Road culture

Tengchong is a trail through the vicissitudes of the border town. When the vast desert on the northern Silk Road, Luo bell has not sounded when the caravan of foot palm Southwest has been printed in the vault on the trail of Dan Bandao. Large number of historical textual evidence, as early as the Qin Dynasty, a communication already exists in southwest China and South Asia, West Asian countries of Commercial Road, which is reputed 1:00 "Southwest Silk Road." On this trail, Tengchong is called "The Last Inn." Yuan and Ming era, Tengchong jade processing the first of its kind the world, jewelry jade processing and distribution center in Southeast Asia. Tengchong city at the time, filled with both ancient and bustling scene, great traveler Xu Ming praised Tengchong city as "West of the winding without."


8.Local flavor very strong food culture

A local food culture is any culture in the region must be part of the vault culture very strong food culture of local flavor, including 饵块 (wire) (such as "DAIJUJIA" story), simply vegetables, brown shell, large thin, soil production and tasting pot, etc., production and consumption of these diets have strong secular culture.

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