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Shuangjiang Culture

In 2012, 22 cultural centers were established in Shuangjiang County (room, point), established 16 amateur art propaganda team; rural film "Shuangjiang County 2131" project to maintain a good development, Shuangjiang County 7 rural grassroots projection team completed a year of more than 2250 screenings, free video services to implement the county library opened throughout the year; every year, the total number of reading more than 11300 people, in addition to purchase more than 2100 copies of electronic books; investment about 2000000 yuan construction of county propaganda and cultural center completed and put into use.  


National culture 民族文化

In 2008, the 23 National Shuangjiang County Shuangjiang County in the long-term development and create concise by Lahu family, Brown, Dai, Wa nationality as the main characteristics of the unique and harmonious culture,. The "Lahu family of 72, is the folk song and dance songs""<< 拉祜族72路打歌>> Lahu and one of the cultural relics discovered so far is complete. "The brown chicken top" <<佤族鸡棕陀螺>>is so far exclusively Shuangjiang Wa. 


National Art 民族文艺

In 2008, the traditional folk culture is Shuangjiang County 10 class 87 as the protection list。 Apply for the 7 and 21 categories included in the municipal protection list, 1 items are included in the provincial protection list; completed the "Brown", and "tea" and "a brief history of Shuangjiang Dai Lahu seventy-two" Dage and a number of traditional folk culture collection. Shuangjiang County created "2008 refined arrangement and welcome you to come"<<双江欢迎您到来>>, "twist to Shuangjiang"<<扭摆来>>, "om", <<嗡央尔>>,"Oji blessing you"<<祝福送给你>>33 excellent traditional songs.  

By the end of 2006, eighth in the province of Yunnan traditional ethnic sports, traditional sports performances in Shuangjiang Brown people bee barrels "funny" and Lahu inspired drum group aerobics "hand" were awarded the gold and silver medals. During the Spring Festival in 2007, Shuangjiang old dance team participated in the second Yunnan province Jinqiu style dance competition, competition show Brown family encouraged rainbow bee barrels get gold medal, Lahu dance won the gold medal of clouds. In October 3, 2007, Shuangjiang laoniantixie "sunset red Brown bee drum dance team to participate in the host Chinese Dancers Association" Chinese dancing -- China mass art exhibition ", won the gold medal.  

 In 2008, Shuangjiang Brown, is still well preserved traditional textile crafts, they kind of cotton, spinning, spinning, weaving, dyeing, homemade unique national characteristics of the clothing is, in which Brown "tripe was folk Textile journal called" art is a must. It is said that the art has been lost somewhere else, now Brown family only C area unique Shuangjiang state, become a shuangjiang. "Brown is also encouraging family bee barrels" unique world. Bee barrel like folk drum shape bee beekeeping derives its name. "Dai handmade pottery" is a folk art on the verge of disappearing, is characterized in that the whole hand tools are fabricated, bamboo, wood, made of round containers without wheel circumference precision is very high.



Bulang Culture 布朗文化

Traditionally, the Blang considered teeth blackened by chewing betel nuts a beauty characteristic.

The women usually dress in jackets with black skirts. The men had tattoos in the torso and the stomach. They dressed in wide black trousers and jackets buttoned to the front. Often they would wear turbans of either white or black fabric.

The houses of the Blang are made out of bamboo and usually consist of two floors. The first floor is designed as a warehouse for food and a stable for livestock animals, such as chickens, whereas the second is designed to house the family. The chimney is located in the center of the house.

The Blang are traditionally divided into small clans, with each clan owning its own land. Every Blang town has its own cemeteries, which are divided by clans. The deceased are buried, with the exception of those who perished due to unnatural causes. In this case they are cremated.


Hinter dem Namen 双江望江民族茶文化城

Hinter dem Namen 双江望江民族茶文化城 (Shuang Jiang Wang Jiang Min Zu Cha Wen Hua Cheng) verbergen sich diese Pläne. Wie in meinem vorigen Post über meine Zeit in Yunnanangedeutet, plant Manager Yang von 双江双龙古茶园 eine Tea Culture City. Das gesamte Projekt ist ein Investment von insgesamt circa 60 Millionen Euro, getätigt von einem Konglomerat aus einigen von Manager Yangs Firmen und der Shuangjianger Stadtregierung. Geplant ist die Eröffnung dieses Projekts im nächsten Jahr. Momentan sieht es noch so aus:


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