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Wuding County Overview

Geographical Location

Wuding County (武定县; pinyin: Wǔdìng Xiàn) is located in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China.The whole county covers an area of 3322 square kilometers and about 210 kilometers away from Chuxiong City and 79 kilometers away from Kunming.


Wuding County (武定县) is located in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province,China.Wuding County is located in the northeast part of Chuxiong County.It neighbors Luquan County of Kunming in the east,Lufeng County and Fuming County in the south.Wuding County.The county has a population of 276,9 00 and its total area is 3,322 km². From east to west the cross wide is 52 km,94 km north-south longitudinal spacing. Wuding County is a necessary station on the road from Yunnan to Sichuan. The climate condition is very good ,pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer. It has abundant rainfall with clear dry and wet seasons. Lion Mountain, "the first mountain in the southwest" is well known for its unique shape.Besides,The Jiyi Rift Valley is famous for its magnificent and special scenery.


The State Council of China authorized to build Wuding County, which governs  7 towns, 4 townships, 133 village offices. There are 13 nationalities here, such as Yi, Han, Hui, Miao and Lisu. The total population is 276,900. These nationalities are industrious,simple and closely united.

Administrative  Division

Wuding County is under Chuxiong County’s jurisdiction.There are

11 towns and 3 townships in Yunlong. Towns:Shishan(狮山镇)、Gaoqiao(高桥镇)、Maojie(猫街镇)、Chadian(插甸镇)、Bailu(白路镇)、Wande(万德镇)、Jiyi(己衣镇).Townships:Tianxin(田心乡)、Fawo(发窝乡)、Huanzhou(环州乡)、Dongpo(东坡傣族乡).

Ethnic Groups

The major ethnic groups are Yi,Hani.


The Wuding County Almanac (1990) lists the following Yi subgroups.

Nasu 纳苏 / Black Yi 黑彝

Naluo 纳罗 / Gan Yi 甘彝

Naisu 乃苏 / Red Yi 红彝

Miqie 密切 / Micha 密岔

Luoluo 罗罗 / White Yi 白彝

Sani 撒尼 / Minglang 明郎

According to the Chuxiong Prefecture Almanac (1993:411), the Luomian 罗缅 are located in Nigagu 尼嘎古.[1]


In Wuding County, ethnic Hani are found in the following locations (Wuding County Almanac 1990:141).

Chayiyang 扯衣咩村,[2] Ande Township 安得乡, Chadian District 插甸区

Lower Village 下村[3] and Azhemi 阿者咪村[4] of Dacun Township 大村乡

Zhong 中村[5]、Xia 下村、Yangliuhe 杨柳河[6]、Aozi 凹子[7] of Huaqiao Township 花乔乡

Shedian Village 赊甸村,[8][9][10] Laotao Township 老滔乡

Wuding County
 • Total3,322 km2 (1,283 sq mi)
 • Total260,000
 • Density78/km2 (200/sq mi)
Postal code651600
Area code(s)0878

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