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  1. Lubuge Hydropower Stations & The Mini Three-Gorge in Luoping County

Lubuge small Three Gorges is 55 km east to Luoping County, 14 km long, and 100-500 meters wide.  

Lubuge Small Three Gorges scenic area with a total length of 20 km. Natural sceneries are lion Gap, "Beauty toiletry," "monkey fishing," and "double elephants drinking water," "Dragon Falls ", etc, which make visitors reluctant to leave.

Lubuge Hydropower Stations & The Mini Three-Gorge in Luoping County


Small boat roaming the Three Gorges which is a nearly 20 km long Gap Lake with pure crystal water. The landscape is beautiful, green water, winding mountains which make people intoxicated.

Lubuge Station is on Huangni River where Yunnan and Guizhou provinces border with Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It generates 600,000 KW of electricity. The installation of its four turbo-generating units started at the end of 1988, and they were brought into operation in June 1991. The masonry dam is 103.8 meters high and the reservoir has a storage capacity of 111 million cubic meters. The diversion system consists of a 9,387-meter pressure tunnel and two 470-meter pressure steel pipes. 

Lubuge Hydropower Stations & The Mini Three-Gorge in Luoping County

Lubuge is Buyi language, which means Shanjingshuixiu place. And Luoping County Power Plant in Xingyi City of Guizhou Province at the junction of Huangnihe downstream in the canyon in the mountains, 43 km away from Luoping County. Here rivers clouds and fast-flowing, large gap, in 1990 here in the completion of the installed capacity of 600,000 kilowatts of hydropower station, China's hydropower construction in the first opening to the outside world, attract foreign investment, equipment, technology and foreign individual works tender Contractor hydropower projects, there have been eight national experts here to help build the world's second largest transmission Leaning Tower of Pisa standing on the cliff above the Baizhang, all computer controlled plant hidden in large Shanfu, the working level to a dozen If the audience maze. 

From the first hub station, water diversion project, the system of underground powerhouse flood building components. Dam linking Yunnan-Guizhou Provinces, the height of 103.8 meters, is the first domestic use of weathered sandstone and shale impervious core material for the earth and rock dam mixed. Reservoir storage capacity of 1.1 billion cubic meters, effective capacity to 0. 7.4 billion cubic meters. Flood spillway around the building, the diameter of 11.5 meters, 10 meters, and the right bank of the reservoir spillway Bottom, a flood, the discharge, short, combine the function of diversion and the role of the intake tower 78 meters high, is currently the highest building in Yunnan. Apart from the left bank of the presence of the 11.5 m diameter Dongwai spillway, and it has a built Bengshan open spillways. Water Diversion Project system, deployed in the left bank of the river, with diameter of eight meters, 9,382 meters long diversion tunnel-ditch one, the differential a surge shaft, underground high voltage Incline 2, and each of about 470 m, 4.6 m in diameter, the slope 48 degrees. Plant project is located in the upper reaches of 1 km grid village on the left bank of empty cliffs Xialiangzi Hill, a wholly-deep underground. 

Deputy with the main plant, transformer room, switch rooms, room tail water cut], these chambers in the past three rows parallel layout. Is also available for transport, was likely to exhaust, and other auxiliary chamber, as well as four tailrace tunnel, crossing in the bottom of the main chamber, formed a criss-cross through the upper and lower levels of underground caverns overlap, it is spectacular, around Lubuge region is gradually developing a provincial scenic area.

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