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  1. Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office

It is located at Zhedao Street of Zhedao town in Lianghe County, begun in the first year of emperor Xianfeng of Qing Dynasty in 1851. After continuous expansion in three generations of Chieftains, it was completed in the 24th year of the Republic of China (1935). Construction of Xuanfusi Department of Nandian is of the palatial style and it is divided into the grand concourse, second, third, and the main hall according to Chieftain bureaucratic hierarchy. The four halls are in a gradual climbing location. There hangs a wooden plaque characters "Hereditary Xuanfu Chieftain Dao Gong Families in Nandian" above the mid-gate, the Life and Death Doors are on both sides, and a couple of stone lions are placed at front door. In the middle of the grand concourse, there is a law court where official Chieftains handle cases, and on both sides there are the "quiet" and "evasive" cards, a phoenix riding banners, flags, drums, copper instruments given by the emperor, a huge umbrella, iron artillery, the warm sedans and cool sedans. The second hall is for receiving guests, with the Solar Gate in the middle. The third hall is the Chamber. The main hall is the Chieftain supervising and management. The mid-hall is for spirits of Heaven and Earth Gods, Hearth Gods and ancestral tablets; with officials and his families living in the both sides. The two floors of the main hall are for the Chieftain office, study and accountant office.

Dehong Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office Travel

The other three halls are the South and North booths floors for offices and officers’ housing. Each lobby has an attached room, the yard has seven sets and 24 gardens, a playhouse, a living house of Miss, a Buddha house, servants housing, a kitchen, the food storage, stables, the ordnance house, Prison construction and so on.

The halls are five-room wooden structure, with crude beams and thick columns; tube-shaped tiles at the edge of roofs and glazed tiles inlaid the top of roofs; amazing pictures, magnificently decorated wooden ornaments and on delicately carved windows; octagonal brick paving. All with moonish archway on both sides, the same twisting corridors, the well designed gardens suspended a passage. Each hall has several pieces wooden plaques (horizontally inscribed board) written by famous people, such as the "Frontier Town Stability Forever" by celebrities such as Cenyuying and Chenrongchang. The last yard was built from materials used, timber wood for front concourse, mahogany wood for houses on the left, catalpa wood for houses on the right, integrated meaning the so-called " upright in Spring and Autumn ". 12 Steps carved into rocks, means the 12 uprising steps in Shangyuan county of Yingtianfu (today’s Nanjing). The whole series of buildings are well planned, with a total of 4 main courtyards, 10 adjacent courtyards, and 47 buildings of the 149 rooms. The total size of 10,652 square meters and a building area of more than 7,780 square meters. Such a grand building complex, is well worthy of the best among the Departments of National Chieftains.

The Former Dai Palace has retained the seal of Chieftain Department of Nandian, the sword given by emperor Xianfeng of Qing dynasty, blue-and-white porcelain bowls, silver kettles and other precious national heritage. Thus, The Former Palace of Dai Emperors is called the "living fossils" for studying minority ethnic history, local history, Chieftain System, construction techniques and art in Yunnan. In 1988, Yunnan provincial government approved of it as the third group of provincial units to be protected. On November 27, 1996, it is rated by the State Council as a key document protection unit. In 2004, the state department in charge of protecting cultural relics plans to build it “the Topic Museum Displaying Chinese Chieftain System.”(Source: Translated by Zhu Qisai)

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