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Yunnan Tour Feedbacks
Dehong Food

Pestled Dish Of Jingpo People

In the menu of Jingpo people in the the Autonomous Region of Dehong for Dai and Jingpo People, the most featured dish is pestled dish. All the people who have tasted it are full of praise.

Pestled dish is always a leading character on the dining table of Jingpo people. There is a saying which goes like this, “if the pestling canister does not work, you will not have a good meal.” Almost every Jingpo family owns a pestling canister, and almost every Jingpo family has pestled dish every meal. In addition, all the dishes can be cooked this way. Thereinto, cooked pestling method is suitable for the meat dish from parched meat and mashed bones of cattles, birds and fish. The most tasty dishes made this way include baked pestled ringdoves, baked eels and baked loaches. Such dishes made from Lila bamboo shoots, big bitter fruits, small bitter fruits, horsebeans and cowpea can also be cooked in the cooked pestling method. The raw pestling method fits for ginger, Mapipao, Naijiang mushrooms,

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Ox Tripe Fruits

Ruili is located on the 24°north latitude and has a difference of only 5 latitudes from Hainan Island. Because of the special geographical conditions and climate here, many tropical plants which can grow in Hainan Island can also grow here. Jackfruit trees are tall and strong. Its way of producing fruits is different from that of other trees. Jackfruit trees can fruit from branches, trunks and even roots. One jackfruit tree can have as many as several hundred fruits. One big jackfruit can weigh tens of jins (a jin=1/2 kilogram). Because the jackfruit looks like an ox tripe, local people call it ox tripe fruit.

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Burned Porket

Burned porket is one of the best dishes for entertaining guests among Dai people. Dai people would choose small-eared pigs produced in Dehong. Those porkets of half a year are thin-skined and tender, and are the best choice. Remove the bowels of the porkets, cram the seasonings, and stitch it together with thin bamboo strips. After that, bake the porkets with slow fire until it becomes brown and the oil leaks out. Puncture the skin of the porkets with a dagger while baking them. Dust them with wet ashes of straws and bake them again. Finally the porkets smell good and you can slice them up, and serve them with seasonings of Dai.

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Palm Rice Noodle Of Achang People

Palm Rice Noodle is the favorite food of Achang people. Palm Rice Noodle is made of best rice. Make the rice into white threads. Bake the meat and chop it. Finally mix the meat with intestines, salt, pepper, peanut, gingeli, bean powder and vinegary water, and then the seasonings are done.

Before eating, you have to take a gout of rice noodle in the palm, put some seasonings on the rice noodle. That’s why it is called Palm Rice Noodle. It tastes even better if you have seasonings made from the game. Many businessmen and foreign visitors eat Palm Rice Noodle and are full of praise for it.

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Jingpo Food

The most famous food of Jingpo people is pestled dish which is made by pestling potherbs and wild fruits. Pestled dish can stimulate your appetite and cure diseases.

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