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Jinping County Shopping

Jinping Is a beautiful place where is famous for its ethnic scenic spots and special local food.If you travel around Jinping,,do not forget to bring some local food for your friends and your relatives.

Amomum Tsao-KoAmomum Tsao-Ko草果

Amomum Tsao-Ko (scientific name: Amomum tsaoko) is the fruit of plants ofZingiberaceae cardamom Amomum Tsao-Ko, alias grass grass seed, and the fruit.Amomum Tsao-Ko from the collection of Essentials: Amomum Tsao-Ko, Quang Nam andHainan. Olive-shaped, thin skin, the color purple, its kernels such asindentation in Amomum villosum Lour. Yunnan, Yunnan Amomum Tsao-Ko, the poorlittle ears. Amomum Tsao-Ko dampness in addition to cold, expectorant stoppingmalaria, xiaoshi malaria, phlegm and fullness, cold epigastric abdominal pain,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea diarrhea, and indigestion.

Jinping bananaJinping banana金平香蕉

Protection of gastric mucosa保护胃黏膜

Bananas soothe stomach acid stimulation and protection of gastric mucosa.

Blood pressure降血压

Potassium sodium has an inhibitory effect on the human body, eat bananas, may lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that eating two bananas a day, which can effectively reduce blood pressure 10%.

Run the gut Bananas contain rich in soluble fiber, or pectin to help digestion, adjustgastrointestinal function.

Help you sleep有助于睡眠

Bananas for insomnia and stress have effects because bananas contain proteins,amino acids, has the effect of redness, so eating bananas at bedtime can play a calming role.

Jinping  pineappleJinping  pineapple金平大树菠萝

Pineapple ,in addition to fruit effect, also has the effect of food,the nucleolus, sweet, slightly acidic, function of qi, through breast milk.Pineapple its scientific name trees of jackfruit, jackfruit, pineapple tree isJinping for their comments. It contains rich starch, fats, oils, etc. Cooked food,you can also use it to lean meat soup.

Pineapple tree was tall, and it has glossy green leaves, such as Holly or orange tree leaves. Trunk has a characteristic more around the small branches and leaves.Jack is not a knot in the top of the tree branches, it's the small knot in the tree branches. Sometimes two or three knots together, hour long circle such as mango, ripe can be as big as a bucket, my whole body swollen soft spines, the ancients say it as head of JI. ASCUS hundreds dozens of tablets like pomegranate for a ball. Sweet and rich flavor, the meat can eat, every grain of the daughternuclei as well as chestnuts, can be eaten.

Yao costumesYao costumes瑶族服饰

Yao woman are skilled in Indigo dyeing, and still retains a complete printing and dyeing technology. Women of  Yao is good at embroidery, skirt, cuffs, hemedge embroidered with exquisite patterns. Dressing beauty of the Yao is on the composition of the concentrated reflection of cross-stitch.

Fang CHENG Yao women wear black flower cross collar long coat, skirt hem, and cuffs decorated cloth. It was shorts, leggings, tie a red spike head, top pick embroidered geometric pattern veil. Dayaoshan TURNBUCKLE Yao women wear black cross collar long coat, clothing side slits, collar lapel, yibai, sleeves are subjected to fine red embroidered decoration, under the black cloth shorts,leggings of Brocade, clogs, blue BUPA, baotou, white, neck pointed to wear a silver ring and other accessories. Jinping Yao women wear a black cloth red headblack long dress, embroidered collar lapel with a red ornaments and a row of silver. Waist belt of the black cloth belt, belt embroidered geometric pattern and it was beautifully embroidered, wide trousers with flower, the pants can be called precious artifacts.

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