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Mile City Shopping

Mile county is a beautiful place where is famous for its ethnic scenic spots and special local food.If you travel around Mile,do not forget to bring some local food for your friends and your relatives.


Mile grapes, specialties, mile county in Yunnan province, China products of geographical indication. The County's grape is growing as early as in the 1960 of the 20th century, because of its unique geographic conditions such as climate,soil, grape in Mile has been optimized, adaptable, disease resistant, early-maturing, good quality and high yield, high efficiency and so on. The productionof table grapes, beautiful color, high quality. Mile rose honey brew wine  grape, wine quality plump, Ruby Red and roses Crystal dry white wine brewing,translucent, with a strong natural fruit flavor, popular with consumers.


Honey is the production of mile county in Yunnan province, its high plains basin ecological cause honey not only pure taste, golden color, its medicinal effect sare non-honey than anywhere else! Honey not only can beauty, also can spices, was said Mile of Lu JI why so yellow, told you a small secret, Mile Lu chicken, which of a pigment is is  not only so, Mile honey also points wild honey and feeding honey,the wild is those in mountain bundle in the wild bee used pediment natural led to honey, this class honey slightly explicit Brown, but it tastes more pure, distributed with mountain of aromatic.

brown sugar竹园小碗红糖

 Zhuyuan town of Mile county ,with high nutrient content of the soil, has a long history of planting sugar cane, brown sugar, raw sugar cane silver piece,contains about 95% of cane sugar, raw brown sugar production method keeps the original nutrition of sugar cane, but also makes the special flavor of the brown sugar, with an aroma like caramel. In the production process, together with plateau deep underground mineral water rich in trace elements, do not add any other sodium cyclamate, 100% is authentic sugar cane as raw material, has a blood gas effect on humans. Brown sugar on the elderly infirm, especially peoplefrom illness, there is deficiency of rest and relaxation, excellent tonic effect. Old man brown sugar to stasis and promoting blood circulation, Lee bowelconstipation, slow liver eyesight, Qi Jianwei, warm heart and lung function.After years of research, confirmed by foreign scholars, brown sugar, hardeningof the arteries, can play a therapeutic role. Especially brown sugar brown substances can inhibit serum fat and insulin levels rise, preventing excessive intestinal glucose absorption.

Le Vin RougeLe Vin Rouge干红葡萄酒

Le Vin Rouge, "dry" is a word borrowed from the brewing ofchampagne, that is, do not add any additives such as water, spices, alcohol,brewed with pure grape juice wine directly. After the red grape juice, grapeskins are not filtered stones, grape juice into alcohol and then filtered in the wine-making process, grape skin color dissolve into the wine, dry wine. There are two dry red wine, a simple filter; another residue continued to press.Squeeze dry red wine containing more tannin taste is more thick. France Bordeaux(Bordeau) dry red wine in the world in the area of the famous, the Britishcalled Claret, most famous for the made of Cabernet grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon(Cabernet) dry red wine, full-bodied dry red wine, suitable for meat dishes and dark birds such as pheasant, Turkey meal. 


Gentian, also known as bile grass, water dragon bile, mountain gentian, a four-leaf clover. It belongs to a class of Chinese medicines.Chinese proprietary medicines are one of the most important raw materials, not only the domestic demand but also exports to Southeast Asian countries, better market prospects,Chinese herbal medicines are scarce. Can prevent liver disease. Mile County has always been Gentian grows in the wild, and quality, of Melchizedek is superior.



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