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Jinping County History

In Xihan dynasty ,Jinping county was called zangke County West with County to, Han is benefits State female sheep zangke County West with County to, three Shu Han is benefits State XING Gu Junxi with County to, Jin and the and Northern and Southern dynasties is hard-liners ' XING Gu Junxi with County to, sui is Nanning State captaincy House Li State to, Tang nanzhao country Shi is tonghai captaincy House's to, song Dali country Shi is Mountain County big meadow to, Yuan is Linan Guangxi Yuanjiang vision comfort Division and mud road big meadow to, in Ming and Qing dynasties is Linan House Jianshui State (County) River outside 15 Meng 18 toast to one of.Before the soil, Meng broach toast, m King, Jianshui toast, citong BA Li MengDing, toast and toast. Eight years of Qing emperor Yongzheng (1730) in July, theLinan House is Yi host; 31 years of Qianlong (1766) in October, the Linan Houseis Yi Road; 13-year of the Guangxu reign (1887) in October, the Linan Housebelongs to Lin an open wide road.

In  1917, because of the bureaucratization, Jinhe was established borough'sknife, King, Lee toast set Meng Ding district, Meng Ding's toast, belonging tomengzi road. In 1929 waste road, Jin Meng Ding and district administrative region directly under the province. 21 (1932)  Jinhe establishment Council and the establishment of the River Board was completed. 23 (1934) on September 1 (ratified in July1936),  the two establishment set up in Jinping County, the first character named Jinping, the county seat located in Gold River. 31 (1942), is a Chief Inspector of the third zone (in Jianshui County). 37 (1948), ChiefInspector of the fifth district of the genus (in Jianshui County)

In 1950,Jinping county was belong to mengzi section of the genus. In January 1954, the Hani nationality of Honghe autonomous region (ground level), classified in Jinping County of Honghe Hani autonomous regions. On November 18, 1957, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous was formally established in Jinping County in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous. On June 11, 1985, the withdrawal of Jinping County, Jinping County established on December 7 autonomous county was officially established.

In 2000, Jinping Miao Dai autonomous had a population of 316171, which: jinheTown 49498 people, jinshuihe town 19109 people, ten in village Township 15991 people, tongchang Township 31720 people, Meng pulled Township 29036 people, old set Zhai Township 24590 people, who meters Lahu Township 18797 people, o have Bo Township 13634 people, Sha Yipo Township 19215 people, da 15190 people, saddle end of Township 17185 people, Meng bridge Township 19184 people, Ying Pan village 28007, Lao Meng Township 15015.

In 2001, the county-wide jurisdiction of 2 towns and 11 townships and 1 ethnic Township: jinheTown, jinshuihe town, ten-mile village, Meng Township,tongchangTownship, Ying Pun Heung, Lo Meng Township Zhai, old sets Township, a BoTownship, da, Meng Qiao Township, MA Township Lahu village, Sha Yipo Township.

In 2005, the removal of jinheTown and ten licunTownship, new jinheTown, town government in the former jinheTown Government was finished (Provincial Government on October13, 2005).


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