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Luchun County Shopping

Luchun is a beautiful place where is famous for its ethnic scenic spots and special local food.If you travel around Luchun,,do not forget to bring some local food for your friends and your relatives.



1, Shibeng steamed egg石蹦炖蛋

Shibeng steamed egg was Hani's dishes, delicious tasty,the nutrition is excellent, and it is a folk medicine to treat hepatitis.Shibeng, also known as holding hands. Ratchet frog of the genus group, there are 7, 5 species in Yunnan province. Produced in Yunnan Jingdong County flower spike frog specialties. Male chest and abdomen has small black thorns, placed in the chest with his finger, and the forelimbs held tight and hold, hence the name holding hands. Body fat, sweet, is comparable to chicken, infantile thin and treated rickets with fresh and tonic effect.



2. Mayu Tea玛玉茶

Ma Yu, luchun specialty tea is one of the Yunnan new tea, green tea class, produced in luchun County riding BA Xiang Ma Yu Cun, Hani village named, known as "Southwest Longjing" reputation. Ma Yu, luchun specialty tea cultivation has more than 200 years of history, mountain tea, unique natural conditions give Ma tea of five natural plant nutrients. Make Ma Yu, luchun specialty tea teas of exceptional quality. Tea shape tight knot weighty, PEKOE revealed, flavor and good lasting, fresh strong taste, with honey aroma, yellow-green, clear soup, leaves yellow at the end of even brighter.



3 Sour bamboo shoots boiled shells of snails.酸笋煮连壳螺蛳

Sour bamboo shoots, is the home of Hani's specialty marinated pickled cabbage with bamboo shoots. Compare it with other cooked fish, meat dishes, spicy Shengjin coveted, specially with shells of snails were boiled, eat special, unique flavor. Hani Shan snail shell thickness is different from the Mainland meat, smell strongly of conch. It was as big as a walnut, as small as a finger, thin flesh, found block terrace. In February or March in early spring or in the fields after harvest can be found a myriad of snails. After picking on the bowl, change water, let it say all the dirt, just before cooking.



4. Hani tempeh哈尼豆豉

Hani unique soy tempeh is a kind of Hani people food. Beans are dark brown, delicious sweet and stimulate the appetite.Luchun County of the Hani villagers can make tempeh from place to another, butSanmeng(三勐), Pinghe(平河), three meters (Haney Branch) the traditional method for making, is said to be the most authentic.



5.Bai Wang白旺

"Bai Wang" is a cool dish processed by animal blood. Mostly limited to healthy pigs (sick pigs, sows jiyong) blood. The manufacturing method is: dry fried salt into a medium bowl. When a sharp knife into a pig's neck just out, put the salt basin to catch the spray of blood, with a rapid mixing chopsticks, excluding them from freezing. Blood flowed faster after the half, then moved up. Because Bai Wang can only use the spray of blood and the little red, the rest should not be used. Again with cut fine fried incense fried crisp of liver tablets, fried incense of peanut rice, and ginger, and garlic and cut fine of Xue Laigen amount and uniform to sub into blood in, blood that solidification.


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