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Longyang District Entertainment

Nightlife Activities and Other Activities

As for nightlife activities, Longyang does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV, disco and other clubs can easily be found around the city. Huangjia Castle Market(皇家城堡娱乐城) gathers a lots of bars,clubs and dining hall service for people to enjoy their night in Longyang. Sanguan Square(三馆广场), Jiaxin Spring(佳新温泉), Baoshan Mali Cinecitta(保山马里电影城), Tianchengchunge KTV(天成纯歌KTV) and so on can be found in Longyang. Visitors can enjoy their time here.


Huangjia Castle Market(皇家城堡娱乐城)

Address: The Intersection of Yongchang Road and Wenyuan Road, Longyang District, Baoshan(保山隆阳区永昌路与文苑路交叉口).

Tel: 18608751507/0875-2837999


Sanguan Square(三馆广场)

Address: South of the Intersection of Longyang Road and Lancheng Road, Longyang District(隆阳区隆阳路与兰城路交叉口南侧)

Label: Leisure Square


Jiaxin Spring(佳新温泉)

Address: Behind the Museum,Longyang District, Baoshan, Yunnan(云南省保山市隆阳区博物馆后面)

Average price per person: 40yuan

Tel: (0875)2221077


Baoshan Mali Cinecitta(保山马里电影城)

Address: Baoyou Western Road, Longyang District, Baoshao(保山市隆阳区保岫西路)

Business Hours: 00:00-23:59 

Tel: 0875-2193099/0875-2193077

Tianchengchunge KTV(天成纯歌KTV)

Address: No.383,Jiulong Road, Longyang District, Baoshan(保山市隆阳区九龙路383号)

Tel: 0875-2881999

Miao Dage(苗族打歌)

Baoshan Miao Mainly distributes in Mangkuan(芒宽),Wama(瓦马),Bingma(丙麻) and Shuizhai(水寨), it has a long history and culture. “Dage(打歌)”  as the Miao traditional folk art, people in the area of Bingma(丙麻) are fond of it especially.In addition to the major holiday, also often held at ordinary times. The  form of “Dage(打歌)” in  Bingma(丙麻) is unique, In many places, “Dage(打歌)”is in musical accompaniment, jump not sing, and  the“Dage(打歌)”of Bingma(丙麻) Miao is with happy and warm atmosphere, dance while singing.

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