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Tengchong Entertainment

As for nightlife activities, Tengchong does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV and other clubs can easily be found around the city. In Tengchong, you could also have the chance to experience the lively atmosphere. When the night falls, you can choose some pubs or bars to kill your time, listening to some original singers singing their original songs.Especially, you can enjoy the springs at night.

The Springs

Over 80 vapor springs and hot springs are scattered around the volcanoes, making this the second largest vapor field in China. The famous Yihong Hot Lake is one of the biggest hot spring lakes in China, covering a total area of10 square kilometers. The most magnificent Dagunguo (boiling pan) Hot Spring, 6.12 meters in diameter and 1.5 meters deep, has a water temperature of 96.6 degrees centigrade, and resembles a pan of boiling water, sending steam high into the sky. The Hamazui Fountain, with a water temperature of 95.5 degrees centigrade, looks like two frogs spraying out hot spring water. Pearl Spring is a pool of water with hundreds of spray holes in the bottom sending out pearl-like strings of hot bubbling water.

Other spectacular sights include Huaitaijing, Gumingquan, Xiaogunguo and Yanjingquan springs and waterfalls. Hot springs in the adjacent Longling County are also popular with visitors because of their medicinal effects on the human body.

Bars and Clubs

1.Rainbow Bar(彩虹酒吧)

Heshun Bar Street is quite recommended in the nightlife of Tengchong.  Rainbow Bar(彩虹酒吧) is a good choice for you if you are quite into having fun in the crowd. Every night there would be a band or singer singing on the stage. If you like, you could also pay to be that one. 

Address: Heshun Alley, Heshun Town, Tengchong County(腾冲县和顺镇和顺小巷)

Tel: 13908757133

Average price per person: 85yuan

2.Siyinmenghuan Bar(丝音梦幻酒吧)

If you like to have some peaceful time to think something over, you could certainly pick the bar called Siyinmenghuan, a little bar where you can order beer or tea. The misty lights make all the things become gentle. You can talk over cups of fruit wine featured some locals or you can just sit there without doing anything. 

Address: Heshun Ancient Town, Tengchong County(腾冲县和顺古镇)

3.Gaoligong International Golf Club(高黎贡国际高尔夫俱乐部)

Address:The Scottish Avenue, Huayan Road, Tengchong County, Yunnan(云南省腾冲县华严路苏格兰大道)

To Tengchong Airport: 15min by car

Tel: 0875-5134986Tengchong Gaoligong International Golf Club

4.Bon Humeur Club(好心情休闲俱乐部)

Address: Shangjie Alley, Rehai Road, Tengchong County(腾冲县热海路上街巷)

Tel: 0875-5161968

5.Jinbihuihuang Club(金碧辉煌俱乐部)

Address: Huayan Road, Tengyue Town, Tengchong County(腾冲县腾越镇华严路)

Tel: 0875-5181333

Could it be more fascinating? Yes, it is! You can send a slow-express to yourself after ten years, making a wish, setting a goal, or just baffling about the troubles. 


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