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Malipo Overview

Geography position

Malipo County (麻栗坡县; pinyin: Málìpō Xiàn) is located in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnanprovince, China..Malipo County locates southeast of Wenshan City.Malipo County-connecting to Funing County in the east,adjacent to Maguan County in the west,connecting to Xichou County and Maguan County in the north,bordering to Socialist Republic of Vietnam.Boundary line is 277km long.100km from the east to west,40km from the north to the south ,the total land area is 2334km.Topography of Malipo County is major for the lowering gorgr, karst topography distribution is wide, there are  peak cluster, stone, dissolve bucket tooth, depression, cave and so on.




The terrain tilts from the west to the east. Laojun Mountain,Dahei Mountain and Dapin Mountain distributed from the southwest to the northeast in the county. Most part of the county locate on the 1200m above sea level.The highest point is peak of Laojun Mountain(老君山),the lowest point is Tianbao which is a National Outbound and Inbound Port along the Panlong River.The main science spots are: War Memorial in Laoshan( 老山作战纪念馆) Martyrs Cemetery of Molipo(麻栗坡烈士陵园) ,  Dawang cliff paintingof Molipo(麻栗坡大王岩岩画) and so on.




Administrative Divisions

Molipo  county jurisdiction over 4 townships ,7 villages and 2 State farms: Mopoli Township(麻栗镇)、Daping Township(大坪镇)Tianbao Township(天保镇)、Donggan Township(董干镇)、Mengtong village(猛硐乡)、Xiajinchang Village(下金厂乡)、Babu village(八布乡)、Liuhe village(六河乡)、Yangwan Viilage(杨万乡)Tiecahng Village(铁厂乡)、Najie Village(马街乡)、Tiaobao farm(天保农场)、Babu farm(八布农场) by the end of 2012.


Ethnic groups

The following list of ethnic groups and subgroups, and their respective distributions, is from the Malipo County Almanac (2000).

·         Han: 152,407 people (1990)

·         Zhuang: 30,706 people (1990)

·         Miao: 41,620 people (1990)

·         White Miao 白苗 (autonym: Mengdou 蒙逗): Donggan, Xinzhai, Majie, Tiechang

·         Flowery Miao 花苗 (autonyms: Mengcai 蒙彩, Mengleng 蒙冷, Mengshe 蒙舍): Malipo Town, Daping, Mengdong, Nanwenhe, Xiajinchang, Babu, Liuhe, Yangwan

·         Black Miao 黑苗 (autonym: Mengduo 蒙夺): Dongyou 东油, Jiangdong 江东 of Babu Township 八布乡

·         Green Miao 青苗 (autonym: Mengzhao 蒙诏): Chonggan 铳干 Yangwan Township 杨万乡 and Tanshan 炭山, Babu Township 八布乡

·         Yao: 17,925 people (1990)

·         Landian [Blue Indigo] Yao 蓝靛瑶 (autonyms: Men 门, Jinmen 金门)

·         Horned Yao 角瑶 (autonym: You Mian 尤棉)

·         Yi: 5,212 people (1990)

·         White Luo 白倮, also Hairy Lolo 毛倮倮 due to their long hair (autonym: Muyasang 木亚桑): Xinzhai 新寨[5] and Chengzhai 城寨 villages of Xinzhai Township 新寨乡; entered Malipo County during the Qing Dynasty

·         Flowery Luo 花倮, formerly Head-Cutting Luo 砍头倮 (autonyms: Muji 木吉, Egao 呃稿): Mabeng 马崩, Yongli 永利,[9]and Zhelong 者挖 villages of Donggan Township 董干镇; entered the Donggan area at the end of the Ming Dynasty and beginning of the Qing Dynasty

·         Mengwu 孟武: Mada Village 马达,[11] Daping Township 大坪镇; entered Malipo County at the end of the Ming Dynasty and beginning of the Qing Dynasty

·         Pubiao 普标, historically Woni 窝泥, and Pubiao Lolo 普标倮倮 during the Republic of China era (autonym: Geibiao 给标): Punong 普弄,Pufeng 普峰, Longlong 竜/龙龙 and other villages. Their ancestors were reported to have migrated from a location called Dayandong 大岩洞 in Pumei 普梅 or gə33 mei33(also called Puyang 普阳 or gə33 wan55[14]).

·         Laji 拉基: Maoping 茅坪, Yuhuang 玉皇; Nanwenhe Township 南温河乡, where they were one of the earliest inhabitants; entered Malipo County at the end of the Ming Dynasty and beginning of the Qing Dynasty from a place called Amizhou 阿迷州

·         Dai: 2,664 people (1990), mostly in Nanwenhe Township 南温河乡

·         Gelao: 1,166 people (1990); entered Malipo County at the end of the Ming Dynasty and beginning of the Qing Dynasty from Guizhou and Guangnan County

·         White Gelao 白仡佬

·         Flowery Gelao 花仡佬

·         Green/Bamboo Gelao 青/箐仡佬

·         Mongol: 1,211 people (1990)




     Malipo County

  Location of Malipo County (pink) and Wenshan Prefecture (yellow)   within Yunnan province of China








 • Total

2,395 km2 (925 sq mi)


 • Total


 • Density

110/km2 (290/sq mi)

Postal code


Area code(s)



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