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Wenshan City Overview

Geographical Position:

Wenshan (Chinese: 文山; pinyin: Wénshān) is a city in and the seat of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in southeastern Yunnan province, People's Republic of China. Lying in the southeast of Yunnan Province, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture neighborsBaise in the Guangxi Province. It is bounded on the south by Vietnam. Wenshan County, the government seat of the prefecture is about 310 kilometers (193 miles) from Kunming. It once was a county (Wenshan County; 文山县), but on 2 December 2010, with the approval of the PRC State Council, it was upgraded to a county-level city.One of the largest companies based in Wenshan County is the electric power supplier Yunnan Wenshan Electric Power Co., Ltd. It is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


The Wenshan Zinc Mine is known for producing world class, deep blue hemimorphite specimens. Wenshan is a producer of 'Sanchi', a plant with medicinal properties which grows away from daylight under huge plastic sheets. enshan is situated in the 'Valley of Eternal Spring'. Because it is on a plateau, temperatures are quite constant throughout the year, with more precipitations during the summer months. This area stands in the southeast of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau backed by the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in the northwest. Mountainous region occupies nearly ninety-five percent of the prefecture's territory. The total area under cultivation only accounts for a proportion of seven percent.


Administrative Division

Wenshan city has 3 residential communityoffices,7 townships,2villages,5 ethnic townships.

Street offices:Kaihua Street(开化街道)、Xinping Street(新平街道)、Wolong Street(卧龙街道)

TownshipS:Kaihua Township(开化镇)、Gumu Township(古木镇)、Pingbai Township(平坝镇) Matang Township(马塘镇)、Houde Township(德厚镇)、xiaojie Township(小街镇)、Zhuili Township(追栗街镇)、Bozhu Township(薄竹镇)

Villages:Xinjie Village(新街乡)、XiguVillage(喜古乡)

Ethnic Villages:Baxi Yi Village(坝心彝族乡)、Binglie YiVillage(秉烈彝族乡)、Hongdian HuiVillage(红甸回族乡)、Dongshan Yi Village(东山彝族乡)、Liujing Yi Village(柳井彝族乡)


Ethnic Groups

Wenshan is highly diverse. According to a local saying, "Han and Hui live by the market, Zhuang and Dai live by the water, Miao and Yi live on the mountains, and Yao live among the bamboos." (汉族、回族住街头,壮族、傣族住水头,苗族、彝族住山头,瑶族住箐头。)

The Wenshan Prefecture Gazetteer 文山壮族苗族自治州志 (2000) lists the following Gelao ethnic subdivisions in Wenshan Prefecture. The Gelao of Wenshan are also locally known as the Laobazi 老巴子 or Bazi 巴子.

·         White Gelao (白仡佬)

·         Green Gelao (青仡佬)

·         Red Gelao (红仡佬)

·         Flowery Gelao (花仡佬) (also known as the Wai Gelao (歪仡佬) or Pipao Gelao (披袍仡佬)


               Wenshan City

County-level city

Hemimorphite from Wenshan Mine

    Hemimorphite from Wenshan Mine

Location of Wenshan City (pink) within Wenshan Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan

  Location of Wenshan City (pink) within Wenshan   Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan

Wenshan is located in Yunnan



Location of the city centre in Yunnan

Coordinates: 23°22′N 104°15′ECoordinates: 23°22′N 104°15′E


People's Republic of China



Autonomous   prefecture



 • Total

4,500 km2(1,700 sq mi)


 • Total


 • Density

100/km2 (260/sq mi)

Time zone

China Standard (UTC+8)

Postal code


Area code(s)



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