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Qiubei Overview

Geographical Position:

Qiubei County (丘北县pinyin: Qiūběi Xiàn) is located in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous PrefectureYunnanprovince, China. Qiubei County is located in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China.Qiubei County locates on the southeast of Yunnan Province ,adjacent to Guangnan County in the east,bordering on Yanshan County and Kaiyuan County in the south, Nanpan River adjacent to Mile County and Luxi County on the other side in the west, adjucture of Shizong County and Xilin County which belongs to Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in the north.Within the Qiubei County,100km from the east to the west,70.5km from the north to the south, the total land area is 4997km.The population is 459 thousands at the end of 2007.


The local residents are Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yi, Yao ,Bai, Hui ,Bo, eight nationalities at all.The population of ethic nationalities are 287 thousands in total who account for 62.5% among the total population. The Qiubei Lodal Government stands in Jinping Town where the altitude is 1452m.Qiubei County is 280km from the capital of Yunnan-Kunming,114km from the Wenshan Capital. Qiubei locates the hilly land of Karst mountain in the southeast, the terrain is high in the southwest and low in the northeast. The branches of Liuzhao Mountain cut across the whole county. The majorriversareNanpan,Liulangodong,Huamo,Tuodi,Guanzhai,Budang,Qingshui,Nanqiu,Qingshui,Qingshui,Qingping,Shikui,Panlong.These rivers belong to Zhujiang River and Honghe River.Puzhehei Pool is the larger one among natural pools,the dimension is 108 thousandskm,the highest point is 2501.8m,the lowest point is 782m折叠The main science spots are: Fengwei cave(凤尾洞),Monkey climb rock vally(猴爬岩大峡谷),Qingshui River(清水江,) Monkey climb rock waterfall(猴爬岩瀑布),Shuiwei  TempleAhuiwei ((水围寺)Webbi pagoda forest Park (文笔山森林公园)Liulang Cave science spots(六郎洞景区)Chain Bridge(铁索桥), Daima waterfall(歹马瀑布).



Administrative Division

Qiubei county has 3 townships,9 villages including 5 ethnic villages: Jinping Township(锦屏镇)、Yuezhe Township(曰者镇)、Shuanglongying Township (双龙营镇)、Badaoshao Yi minority village( 八道哨彝族乡)、Tianxing village(天星乡)、Pingzhaivillage(平寨乡)、Shupi Yi minority village(树皮彝族乡)、Nijiao Yi minority (腻脚彝族乡)、Xindain Yi minority(新店彝族乡)、Shede Yi minority (舍得彝族乡)、Guanzhai village(官寨乡)、Wenliu village(温浏乡).


Ethnic groups

The Qiubei County Gazetteer 丘北县志 (1999) lists the following ethnic subgroups.

·         Han

·         Zhuang

·         Miao

Green Miao 青苗 (autonym: Mengshi 蒙史),White Miao 白苗 (autonym: Mengdou 蒙斗),Flowery Miao 花苗 (autonym: Mengzhua 蒙爪)


Landian Yao 蓝靛瑶,Daban Yao 大板瑶,Guoshan Yao 过山瑶

Yi  Naisoupo 乃叟泼 (Black Yi 黑彝),Guopo 锅泼 or Boren 僰人 (White Yi 白彝),Sanipo 撒尼泼 (Sani 撒尼): in Badaoshao 八道哨, Shuanglongying 双龙营, and Yuezhe 曰者 (Wenshan Prefecture Ethnic Gazetteer 2005:352),Poulongpo 剖笼泼 (Pula 仆拉)

Boren 僰人: in Shede 舍得 (in Bainitang 白泥塘), Yuezhe 曰者, Guanzhai 官寨, Shuanglongying 双龙营 (in Liuwanpo 六湾坡); also in Zhetai 者太 and Zhetu 者兔 of Guangnan County (Wenshan Prefecture Ethnic Gazetteer 2005:353); Luozidi 倮子地 of Shupi 树皮

Bai: in Mazhelong 马者龙, Buyi 布宜, Yayize 丫以则 (Upper and Lower 上下), Anuo 阿诺, Longga 龙嘎/戛, Yuezhe 曰者, Jiucheng 旧城; also in the townships of Shuanglongying 双龙营, Badaoshao 八道哨, Jinping 锦屏, Yuezhe 曰者, and Shupi 树皮; Jiayi 稼依镇 of Yanshan County (Wenshan Prefecture Ethnic Gazetteer 2005:172, 353)

Hui: in Yuezhe 曰者 and Jinping 锦屏; also in Zhulin 珠琳 and Liancheng 莲城 of Guangnan County; Yanshan; Wenshan County。

Qiubei County
Location of Qiubei County (pink) and Wenshan Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Qiubei County (pink) and Wenshan Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
 • Total4,997 km2 (1,929 sq mi)
 • Total450,000
 • Density90/km2 (230/sq mi)
Postal code663200
Area code(s)0876


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