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  1. Yuxi-Gushan(Solitude)-Hill

Chinese Name:孤山

Location:A few hundred meters off of the southwest shore of Fuxian Lake


Gushan island is the only island in Fuxian Lake. It was originally called Yinhai mountain (yín hǎi shān 银海山) and linked to a nearby island by an iron bridge. Later the bridge was destroyed by an earthquake, then the mountain was renamed Gushan, meaning "isolated mountain". A new archway was built at the dock as entrance of the resort.

Gushan Island

There are eight temples, five halls and three pavilions erecting on this island. In the Ming Dynasty, this island was famous for its Buddhist temples and Daoist buildings. The most important building on the island is a brilliant copper pagoda. Standing on a huge base, the pagoda is a 13-layer construction decorated by colorful paint and inscriptions of Buddhist sutras. Many new pavilions, paths, and bridges were constructed so as to connect all the scenic spots on the island. Up to now Gushan island has been developed into a comprehensive resort with good facilities for tour, entertainment and accommodation.

Tours including Gushan Island

2Days Fuxian Lake Holiday Tour

Attractions Near The Gushan Island

Maotian Mountain National Geo-park

Maotian Mountain National Geo-park is located in Chengjiang County, about 2.5 hours away from Kunming by car. It is famous for its trove of prehistoric Chengjiang fossils. The fossils are imprints of life forms from 530 million years ago. There are 200 fossil species exhibited, from worms to "giant ancient shrimp with fierce claws and a large-toothed mouth". People regard it as "The Original Base of anthropoids". This mystery is listed into China World Heritage Site Candidates.

The Ancient Guansuo Opera in Chengjiang County,Yuxi

It is a clan of the ancient Nuo Plays, spreading in the Yangzong Area of Chengjiang County. So that named for the main character of Hua Guangsuo, showing the heroic achievements of Zhu, which is one of the Three Kingdoms. It’s usually put on during the Spring Festival, entertaining gods and offering sacrifices to the sky for longevity and harvests.

Fuxianhu Lake Holliday Resort

At a place of 5 Km from Chenjiang County, 63 km away from Kunming, there is the second deepest lake ¡n Fuxianhu Lake in China. It has the water area of 212 square kilometers, lake banks length around 90 kilometers, average depth of the lake about 87 meters, the deepest to 155 meters, the volume of water reaching to 18.5 billion cubic meters. It riches in the Kanlan Fish (anti-wave fish) well known for its soft and gentle meat. There is a small island in the water with the area of 5.6 ha (a ha=10000 square meters). It is so especially for its clean water without pollution where is very ideal place for the vacations and holidays.

Admission Fee:¥15

Opening Hours:all day long

Attraction Transportation:

Getting there: To get to Solitude Hill, you must first get to Sunshine Coast on the southwest side of Fuxian Lake.

From Kunming take the Kunming-Yuxi Expressway  south, getting off the highway at the Jincheng exit. Take the road from Jincheng up and over the hills separating the Dianchi and Fuxian Basins. After having fully descended, you will take a right at the next major intersection followed by the next left, which will take you up then down toward Fuxian Lake. Sunshine Coast is the area where the road meets the lake.

An alternate scenic route can be taken by going through Chengjiang, the largest town on Fuxian Lake: Get off the Kunming-Yuxi Expressway at the Majinpu (Âí½ðÆÌ) exit before heading east and over the hills into the Fuxian Basin. Take the first road on the right after passing through the Chengjiang toll gate until you reach the four-lane road that circles Fuxian Lake. Take a right onto this road and follow it until you reach Sunshine Coast after a slightly unconventional lane switch – keep a sharp lookout for the sign!

Attraction Travel Tips:

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