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  1. Xingyun-Lake

Chinese Name:星云湖

Key Words:natural fish farm

Location:two kilometers northeast of the Jiangchuan county town

Coverage:34.71 square kilometers


In ancient times, Xingyun Lake was called Xing Sea and Lishui in Tang Dynasty. It is located two kilometers northeast of the county town with an elevation of 1,722 meters. It is about 10.5 kilometers long from south to north with the widest area being 5.8 kilometers from east to west and narrowest area, 2.3 kilometers. Its total area is 34.71 square kilometers and its circumference is 36.6 kilometers. It is a freshwater lake. It is known as “natural fish farm” with abundant production of about 20 fishes such as big-headed fish, crucian, and chub. It is especially known for big-headed fish, one of the four most famous fishes in Yunnan. In May 1988, passed by Yunnan Provincial Government, Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake were listed as places of interest at provincial level.

Xingyun Lake

As a nutritious lake, Xingyun Lake is a nature place to develop aquiculture. It also set up a professional department to reproduce and breed fish very early in Yunnan Province. The lake abounds with national famous Jiangchuan bullhead fish and whitebait. The bullhead fish is famous for its big head, fat flesh and delicious taste. The whitebait also has a top taste, which are sold far to Japan.

Xingyun Lake

There are a lot of springs along the lake. The Zhaojiawan Luozhipu Hot Spring is in the east. Hot water effuses all year round and it is a natural bath room for the tourists. The Haixi village hot springs are in the west of the lake, which are also called Early Street. There is a double-well hot spring here, where 5 spring mouths are in row in a short distance of 1 li (about 0.5 kilometer). To the astonishment, the temperature of the water in the north mouth is higher than that of the south counterpart. The disparity between the north most mouth and the south most mouth is 8¡æ- 9¡æ. It is a perfect place for bathing and recuperation beside Xingyun Lake.

Attractions Near Xingyun Lake

Fuxianhu Lake Holliday Resort

At a place of 5 Km from Chenjiang County, 63 km away from Kunming, there is the second deepest lake ¡n Fuxianhu Lake in China. It has the water area of 212 square kilometers, lake banks length around 90 kilometers, average depth of the lake about 87 meters, the deepest to 155 meters, the volume of water reaching to 18.5 billion cubic meters. It riches in the Kanlan Fish (anti-wave fish) well known for its soft and gentle meat. There is a small island in the water with the area of 5.6 ha (a ha=10000 square meters). It is so especially for its clean water without pollution where is very ideal place for the vacations and holidays.

Xiushan Mountain Park in Tonghai County

The landscape here looks like a beautiful picture. In the front, Qilu Lake has shining glistening lights of waves. In the middle, the houses in the county look dignified. And Xiushan Moutain behind appears green. It is characterized South Yangtze River scene.

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