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  1. Yuxi-Mopan-Mountain-National-Forest-Park

Mopan National Forest Park is on the upper section of Yuanjiang River with Yuanjiang County to its east and Ailao Mountain to its west. The park is rich in plant and animal resources with forest coverage reaching 86%. There are many plant species in the park belonging to national class-1,2, and 3 protection and about 20 animal species of national class-1 and 2 protection. The sceneries around the year are distinctive. In spring, many flowers are in blossom to form a flower sea. In summer, the lakes in the mountain provide refreshment to visitors. In autumn, the massive colors of red, yellow and blue form a spectacular painting. In winter, mists and fogs create miracle scenes. The whole park is comprised of about 20 scenes, including forest, flowers, lakes, meadows, stone drum, cliff passage, and cap-shaped rock.

 Yuxi  Mopan Mountain National Forest Park

The altitude of the mountain ranges from 1,260 meters to 2,614.4 meters. There are undulating hills and beautiful rocks. In sunny summer, the clouds look like jade belts. In winter days after snowing, the snow covers set off one another.  

In the scenic area, you can mainly admire the natural tropical virgin forests in South Asia. The mysterious natural scene include rhododendron forest, yew forest, Zhongqing Cliff, Forest Lake, Middle Yunnan Meadow, Echo Land, Footprint of  King Hebaizu, Dijun Moutain, and so on. There are also places full of interest, for example, the flower feast of Yi Nationality, Flower Admiring Festival, and other folk customs. This is a small scenic spot for entertainment and vocation with European sight, grassland flavor and Yishan Mountain custom.


Mopan Mountain Forest Park is 20 kilometers in the southeastern part of Xinping Yi and Dai Minorities Autonomous County of Yuxi Municipality. Mopan derives its name from its profile resembling a Chinese traditional grinding mill (Mopan in Chinese); it has been developed to a total area of 7,200 hectares since it was ratified as a forest park by the National Forestry Department in 1989.


With its altitude ranging from 1,260 meters to 2,615 meters above the sea level, annual average temperature from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius, and precipitation from 1,000 to 1,100 millimeters, Mopan Mountain is brimming over with a great number of wild flowers that boom all the year round; especially its rhododendron has a broad variety. Alpine pastures, lush forest, limpid lakes, massive clouds and different fauna and flora species have added to the fame of Mopan Mountain as a highlighting tourist destination in Xinping County. There are all together 12 peaks that have “generated” 11 brooks between them. There are more than 50 scenic attractions such as Senglin (forest in English) Lake, Moon Lake, Dijun Mountain, Hebaizu King’s Footprint, Stone Felt Hat, an Ocean of Rhododendron, Camellia Bushes, and Yanyangleigu (Blue Sheep Beating the Drum), etc.


In spring hundreds of thousands of flowers compete to flourish, presenting a sea of riot-colored flowers such as rhododendron, camellia, primrose, and gentian etc; summer sees the limpid lakes bring the reflections of the shrouded green vegetation and lofty mountains; while in fall and winter time, the whole mountain turns out to be a world of white, red, and yellow that are peculiarly endowed by the God to dress it up; the winter cloud and fog extremely add much to the mystery of Mopan Mountain, and a world of flowing clouds usually bring forth with a spectacular mirage then. The vegetation of Mopan is mainly composed of semi-moisture evergreen latifoliate forest and sub-primeval forest which give a vegetation coverage of nearly 86 percent and foster plants of 98 families, 137 genera, and 324 species including such rare and higher ones as tree fern, wild tea trees, and Phoebe zhennan etc.  As it elevates, the vegetation distributes on a vertical basis, which is potentially available for scientific research, educational practice, and tourism, etc. A variety of fauna species are also “bred” with the excellent forests in Mopan, some of them are: slow Loris, leopard, python, green peacock, Chinese pangolin, musk deer, goral, giant squirrel, silver pheasant, Lady Amherst’s pheasant, and wild cat etc.


To make it short, Mopan Mountain Park has integrated its exotic and grotesque natural sceneries, lush vegetation, and varied fauna species into one ecological wonder so that it deserves to be preferred by visitors.

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