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Mile City History

In the history of China, administrative names of first title "and"according to the journal of the Han Shu record, Ding Yuan six years of Western Han dynasty (111 BC) Emperor in this mile north to Shilin County and established Southern counties (Note • Ying Shao yan Shi-Gu Yue: "and Hou Yi • and sound company. "Reading ban); this huaning County East to mile area located not heze(yan Shi-Gu said:" not read without Wu, Dan Dan, mono), Zangke counties for both counties.

1,rule the county同并称雄

 The Western Han period, in order to develop southwestern I, set the counties to establish a centralized, from Yuan to the beginning more than 30years, political attraction failed to achieve its goal, with violence ,it is to be achieved. During the Eastern Han dynasty, high along the learning system. Shu Han Shi Zhuge Liang South levy Hou, to consolidation unified, except on Meng was, surnames (they actually has is national upper) for solidarity using outside, more in Han of based Shang on counties of set for has adjustment, the benefits State County for Jianning County, in Mile territory, put is female sheep zangke County of not single, and with and was placed under the Jianning County; put original benefits State County of of law Gao modified reset repair yun. This territory is closely linked with and without a single, cloud Countyall belong to the Dominion of Jianning County. Tang tempo years (742-755), some you acts pretty of ethnic Mile Department into Mile territory, "have Guo meadow, and BA meadow, and cloth cage and home of", acquisition along commensurate more than 850 years of with and, and not single, and law high administrative names have disappeared, and corresponding of Mile Department, and JI lost Department, and gather evil Department, and cloth cage Department have appeared.


2,Mile Baptist 弥勒部浸盛

When think about Mile, people will naturally think of the Jinping mountain, 10 kilometers to the North of the county seat of the Mile Temple, written by Mile, thought it was named after the Buddha Mile. But in fact it's not.Mile is the name of ancient tribal chiefs,Mile is evolved and become the local administration the names of people. A lot of history in our country have been documented in the literature. Such as the history and geography of Mile States "in the South (of Guangxi road, in this Luxi), once upon a time some pretty descent of Mile Guo Dian, BA Dian, cloth cage, hence the name says Mile. "Records of the great Ming dynasty unified says:"Mile ... Game based for some Mo Tuman descent according to their land,Mile. "The annals of universal" shake Mo Tuman,Mile. "94 of the history research of the volume recorded" some Mo Tuman Mile,Mile. "During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of Qing dynasty, local compilation called Mile States also say" song, mile some Mo Tuman named Mile, meadows, BA Guo Dian, cloth cage, hence the name says Mile. 17 year of Qianlong in Qing dynasty (1752), the addition of Chuk Yuen village Mile inspection. 35 years of Qianlong (1770) reduced Fu for Zhili Province, Guangxi, reducing mile mile County, State. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty from Yuan to 27 years 35 years the County has 232 years. 17 year of the Guangxu reign (1891) Rainbow Creek merchant Wang Zhi initiative 18 villages to be approved by the provincial government. The Republic of China (1912) the Rainbow River, Zhu Yuan-two counties, Fei Wu Guan, home Director. 21, the undo-Chuk Yuen, rainbow trout, Brook County Junior. In January 1950,Mile is Yiliang Prefecture. The end of 1950, the establishment of mile county of Yi autonomous region, next July is Meng Zi Prefecture renamed Mile Yi nationality autonomous county. 1957 in 11Months to undo mengzi section, the establishment of Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous ,Mile Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous without belonging "Yi nationality autonomy" so far.


History  People

Zhang Chong张冲

In 1927, Zhang Chong was involved in "26 coup d ' état"(“二六政变”), Zhang Chong ren-Yunnan military long after a successful coup d ' état and teachers.

In June 1930, the Yunnan-Guangxi war broke out for the second time, Zhang Chongwas ordered into battle in Guangxi, in October, defeated back to Kunming. Here scued was the end of  long Yun arrested members of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee Zhang Zhizhong, get in touch as he did with the Communist Party of China, and provided an opportunity for finally on the road to revolution.

1937 second Sino-Japanese war. In August, Zhang Chong KMT 60 army Vice Commanderin 1938, and 184 Division, participate in the battle of taierzhuang, and was promoted to Commander.

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