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Yuanyang County Restaurants

Yuanyang Restaurant元阳饭店

Address: Yunnan Honghe Jianshui near State Road 323


Night Heung Yuen夜香园

Yuanyang night fragrant garden hotel address located in the famous Red River City-culture and culture of terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan Honghe huangmao Ling street, the boss is Wang Shuxing, mainly engaged in dinner service.

Adress:Ling Red River in Yuanyang County, Yunnan address huangmao street

Postal Code : 661400

Phone: 15987371416


Old house Szechuan Restaurant老房子川菜馆

Mapo Tofu麻婆豆腐--- northern suburb of Chengdu early years of the Qing Tongzhi Ave bridge, a small restaurant owner Chen Moritomi (say the name of Chen Fuchun) which was created by the wife of Liu. Liu facial pits, called Chen Mapo. She created the bean curd, is called "Chen Mapo tofu", and later also to store their diet, "Chen Mapo tofu shop" in the name.

"Fuqifeipian" 夫妻肺片--- is well known in Chengdu flavor of a dish. Legend of the 1930s, a man named GUO Chaohua hawkers, and his wife make salad bovine lung slices, Chuanjie walking lane, basket selling. People ridiculed called "Fuqifeipian", still in use.

"Lamplight beef"灯影牛肉--- different production methods, unique flavor; the rear legs cow bullock meat cut into thin slices, sprinkle with salt fried dry water, wrapped into a cylindrical dry, tile the wire shelves, into the oven drying, and then removed after the steamer steamed, cut into small pieces steamed through. Finally wok fry, add spices, pot and let cool, topped with sesame oil only to. This transparent, thin as paper, bright red, glossy oil, put the lamp can be red shadow beef slice reflected on paper or on the wall, as if to play Shadow Play good to eat a small restaurant, local dishes have, Sichuan also very authentic, service is very satisfactory, the price is very reasonable

Address: New Street Plaza in Yuanyang County

Tel: 18787381855


Old House Hotel老房子饭店

Address: beside Terraeed field Square (nearly Coeur)

Phone: 0873-5624112    


Agriculture original flavor农原风味

Operating local specialties, restaurants large flow of people, the price is very cheap, weight is enough.

Address: Yuanyang Changqing Road (near Yuanyang Construction Bureau)

Tel:  0873-5643466

Hours : 9: 30-21: 00                          



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