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Yuanyang County History

Yuanyang County jurisdiction over a town, 14 townships: xinjiezhen Nansha Dai village, Ga Niang village, the new urban and rural, small Xinjie, Daping, Spring Township, Panzhihua Township, Russia tie Township, huangmao Ling, Ling Huangcao wins village, horn Zhai Xiang, Shala Tuo village, Majie.

Han Dynasty Yizhou victory belongs to Hugh county.

Ming is satisfied that the building and other long lawsuit toast, the scribe Lin'an government.

Qing Dynasty is under the jurisdiction of Jianshui County Jianshui, old county, Mengzi County.

1950 by the construction of water, old, Mengzi draw some towns merged Xinmin County.

1951 changed its name to Yuanyang County.

1954 Honghe Hani Autonomous Region, set up after the 1957 Red River state, membership of Yuanyang County.

2000, Yuanyang administer 2 towns, 13 townships. According to the fifth census data: the county a total population of 362,950 people, including the township population (people): Nansha Town, Village wins 34770 36207 20232 xinjiezhen horn Zhai 沙拉托 Township 20375 29999 17334 new urban and rural Mother Ga 19661 small Xinjie 22638 29902 Spring Township Daping township of Panzhihua 23290 16214 15714 huangmao hwangcho Ling Ling Township 18036 31213 Russian tie Majie 27365

2005, Russia tie the township government resident migration from Russia to Kazakhstan tie xiazhai broadcast; revoke xinjiezhen and wins Village, the creation of new xinjiezhen.( Republican Previously, the territory belongs to toast region: the Early Republic, although the implementation of most parts of town Bao Jia system, but the government still controls local chieftain. 1950 completely abolished Chieftain system, administrative divisions changed several times.Ming and Qing Dynasties, the territory has long opposed Carolina House tea Austin lawsuit, satisfied that more land inspection, issued on My Land to the total, get fierce, were tile, five acres, five states, ponds, six palm Malone Village, subordination Lin'an government.)


History  People  

龙济光Long Jiguang (1867-1925) the word sub-Cheng, Guangdong warlord, Yuanyang people. Childhood militant, opinionated, facilities used trickery. 1900 Long Kun brother with light viceroy Yuying underlying any duct tape, Guangdong and Guangxi in 1903 due to conquering ronin promoted left active river channel units; 1908 deal with the province of Guangxi admirals military affairs manifold. 1911 sent troops to suppress the Guangzhou Uprising Huang Qing meritorious awards won, the same year in October Kuomintang anything in the Wuchang Uprising, clear support for the revolutionaries and show loyalty to the Qing court. Yuan said the president the right to steal, his first to electrify the country and the suppression of pro-revolutionaries Yuan; in 1913 he was promoted to chief of Guangdong captaincy and the home, in June Yuan invested in Darien on the Guangdong warlord and Xunan Shi Duan Ha ʱ?? Guangdong dragon, army after army was defeated defeated Hainan, because the attack rate Leizhou Peninsula defeated remnants north Xiaotun station in Tianjin. Straight Anhui war was wiped out Manchurian Chang Tso-lin Department terminated his military career. March 1925 died in Beijing.


Bai Rixin (1913-1943), also known as the Hundred Days Health, toast, Major General Meng Yuanyang get ninth toast, father Days of Health named. Juvenile Division of the Department of studying in the "Four Books", "Five Classics", after reading in Kunming. 1928 inherited the chieftain bit, because young t-Bai Zhaoxiong by proxy, in 1931 took over. During his tenure, he often put tou audience Yunnan officials Yun, Lujan, Zhang Chong, etc., to lay the foundation for future promotion. In 1940, Yunnan Yun appointed chairman of Yunnan and Vietnam white border anti-Japanese guerrilla detachment, deputy commander of the first and the third captain. 1942 Jiangwai eighth meeting chieftain concentrated in Mengzi, set up the first episode reunification Kuomintang army frontier guerrilla Joint Command, Lujan chairman appointed White as the commander, granted the rank of Major General, and then stepped up the anti-Japanese team training clothes tree rack Tondo wired telephone contact new Street, Paradise, tile slag between each toast. 1943 in Kunming ill treatment, is its contention hit the post chieftain who buy fatal poisoning killed the doctor.






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