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Hot Attractions
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  • Intoxicating love songs in the county of waterfalls

    Among all the natural sceneries all over China, the waterfalls in Guizhou province are most famous; and among the waterfalls in Guizhou province, those in the Buyi area are most beautiful and splendid. Therefore, the Buyi area is also called the county of waterfalls

  • The old Lijiang County has many scenic spots

    There are many historical remains and natural scenes everywhere in the Naxi region. The old Lijiang County, which is listed by the TSCO of the UN as a world cultural heritage, is actually a "county without wall", and for thousand of years it has welcomed guests from all directions with open heart. The Sifang Street is the center of the county

  • Overhead cable---sliding bridge over high mountains and valleys

    The Great Nujiang gorge and the Biluo Snowy Mountains and the Gaoligong Mountains on both sides of the gorge have range upon range of hills. Dangerous rocks tower aloft and cliffs are quite precipitous.

  • The Wonder of the Butterfly Spring

    The Butterfly Spring is located at the foot of the Yunnong Peak of Cangshan Mountain to the north of Dali. Located some 30 kilometers north of Dali, the spring is clear blue with blister rising slowly from the bottom like pearls.

  • The Three Towers in Dali

    The three towers in Dali are also known as the three towers of Chongsheng (esteem holiness) Temple or Dali's towers of Chongsheng Temple.

  • Marvelous frescoes on the precipices

    On the banks of the long Zoujiang River stand strangely shaped mountains and precipices. Mountains reflect themselves in the water, forming marvelous natural scenery.

  • The splendid and magnificent Potala Palace

    The Potala Palace is the biggest and the most complete ancient palatial architecture extant in China, which lies on the Red Hill in the northwestern Lhasa city in the Xizang Autonomous Region.

  • The Beautiful Lugu Lake

    Lugu Lake lies 200 kilometers (approximately 124 miles) from the center of Lijiang City, on the border between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province. The lake is like a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the northwest plateau in Yunnan.

  • Gonggeer Grassland---the most beautiful and the nearest to Beijing

    "The sky is blue, the field is boundless, the wind blows, the grass bows, and the herds and flocks are in sight". Speaking of the grassland, of the Mongol nationality, people cannot refrain from recalling this oft-quoted ancient ballad, and the blue sky, the white clouds, the green field, the red flowers, groups of sheep, the studded yurts, the fragrant meat and milk----a picture of the vast Inner Mongolian Grassland may emerge in front of their eyes. In fact, the grassland is not far from us. If we drive 600 kilometers northwards from Beijing, we will arrive at a nearest and most beautiful natural grassland----the beauty of Gonggeer Grassland will come into view.

  • Yijinhuoluo---the Holy Land of the Mongols

    Yijinhuoluo Grassland sets in the southeast part of the Ordos Plateau. There, little brooks surround green grass, and flocks and herds are leading a happy life. On the grassland, there is a unique and elegant palace, whose brilliance and grandeur can be seen from miles away, and this is the Holy Land of the Mongols

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