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Minority Culture
Minority Culture
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  • Knots and Carvings to Record and Time

    Dulong people have no writing letters. Before the founding of the PRC, they used to record things and exchange information by carvings in the wood, and count time by knots.

  • "Dangmeikongpu" & mule-and-horse trade in July

    "Dangmeikongpu" is from Naxi language, which means "White Sand Temple Fair". According to legend, it was formed in the period of the local headman Mu in Ming Dynasty

  • The Buyi Opera with Nuo (a kind of drama) Flavor

    The operas played by the Buyi people include the Buyi Opera, the Ground Opera, the Stool Opera and so on, among which the Buyi Opera spreads most widely with a history of more than 200 years. The Buyi Opera is the generic term for Buyi native opera and Buyi decorated tones.

  • A People Holding the Maternal Uncle in High Esteem

    The Jinos highly respect their maternal uncles, who possess an extremely high prestige in Jino's social life. An uncle enjoys many items of traditional authority and responsibility, even surpassing those of children's father.

  • The old Dongba culture

    "Dongba" is from Naxi language, which means "the wise" and refers to wizard and sorcerer. Dongba culture can't depart from Dongba religion. The Dongba religion was developed at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty on the basis of Naxis' primitive shamanism and it absorbed the Ben religion culture of the Tibetans.

  • Consecutive Naming System between Father and Children

    During the history of human society, the "consecutive naming system between father and children" is one important mark of the destruction of matriarchy and the establishment of patriarchy.

  • Flagstone House beside the Hills and the Rivers

    The obvious feature of the Buyi people's house is that they live by the side of the hills and the rivers. The houses of common people mostly take the shape of house with pavilions, or half storied building (the front side is like storied building, whereas the back side looks like bungalow), which is made of flagstones.

  • A nationality that still has pictographic characters

    The Naxi nationality is one of the minority nationalities in China. It has a population of 278,009. Over 2/3 of them live together in the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County in Yunnan, and others scatter over Weixi, Zhongdian, Deqin, Ningliang and Yongsheng counties.

  • "Sand of the river buries the lover"

    "Sand of the river buries the lover" is a traditional entertainment and spouse seeking activity celebrated by youngsters in the Fugong region of the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture.

  • "Wine of one heart" with true and deep affection

    Like many other nationalities, the Lisus like to drink wine. They have two kinds of wine: watery wine and colorless spirit. They made wine by themselves before.

  • Name linked between father & son and clan system

    The name linked between father and son system is a method of naming by linking father's and son's names, which appeared at the transition period from matri-clan system to patri-clan system. It used to be popular or is still popular among Yis, Hanis, Drungs, Was, Jingpos, Nus, Miaos, Uygurs and Kazaks.

  • A nationality skilled in using crossbow

    like Zhongdian, Deping, Weixi, Lijiang, Yongsheng, Huaping, Ninglang, Yangbi, Tengchong, Longchuan, Ruili, Lianghe, Luxi, Lincang, Genma, Chuxiong, Yuanmou, and Xichang, Muli, Yanyuan, Yanbian, Miyi, Huili, Huidong in Sichuan Province.

  • Ashima and the Sani people

    Ashima is a character in Yi folk legend, and she is the heroine in the long folk narrative poem-"Ashima". It is said that she grew up in a common family, and had a brother Ahe (they are not brother and sister but lovers in some legend). They were very clever, diligent and kind since childhood. When Ashima grew up and became a beautiful girl, the ruler Rebubala wanted her to marry his son, but he was refused. Rebubala was shamed into anger and kidnapped Ashma away taking advantage of his power, but Ashima would rather die than submit.

  • A nationality advocating black color

    The Yi nationality is one of the minority nationalities in China, and it has over 6.57 million people. It mainly distributes over Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan province and the Northwestern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The gathering regions of Yis are: the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan, the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, The Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, counties like Lunan, Nanjian, Eshan, Yanbi, Ninglang, Bijie and Liupanshui region in Guizhou and Longlin Autonomous County for different nationalities in Guangxi.

  • Zhuang Opera and Shoulder-Pole Dance

    Zhuang Opera, which is also called Zhuang drama, is a stage acting art with a history of several hundred years, developing from various Zhuang folk literature, music, dance and acrobatics. According to its style, it can be classified into South Zhuang Opera and North Zhuang Opera. It can be also classified into Shigong Opera, Guangnan Opera, Funing Opera, Longlin Opera, Tianlin Opera, Dejing Opera and Hanlong Opera according to its different areas, dialects, arias and acting arts.

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