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Minority History
Minority History
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  • A family in trouble will get help from one hundred families

    The Yao Nationality attaches importance to rituals. Yao people are pure and honest. In the custom of the Yao Nationality, a family in trouble will get help from one hundred families. No one picks up and pockets anything lost on the road, and in the evening, doors keep unlocked.

  • The Nujiang River in great change

    The Nujiang River valley is one of the regions which have the worst environment and living conditions. Including many ways like history and society, the social development of different nationalities in the region is very slow.

  • Holding Maternal Uncles in High Esteem

    The Jino nationality is one of the ethnic minorities in China. With a population of over 18,021, the Jinos principally inhabit Jino Ethnic Town in Jinghong County, Na and Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province.

  • A People from the North---the Lahu People

    The Lahu ethnic minority has a population of more than 410,000 and is located primarily in Simao and Lincang in the Lancang River Region, and some are also scattered in Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna and Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, and also Yuxi area in Yunnan Province. More than 160,000 Lahu people are found in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

  • A Nationality With A Long History

    The Yao nationality has a population of over 2,100,000, mainly distributed in Jinxiu, Bama, Dahua, Du'an, Fuchuan, Gongcheng of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jianghua, Ningyuan, Lanshan, Xinning of Hunan Province, Jinping, Hekou, Funing, Malipo of Yunnan Province, Liannan, Ruyuan, Lianshan of Guangdong Province and Rongjiang, Congjiang of Guizhou Province.

  • Great change of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau from the past to present

    After the peaceful liberation, the economic construction of Tibet has made great progress, and people's living standard has been improved remarkably. Especially after the democratic reform, the social productive forces of Tibet have got liberated and developed unprecedentedly.

  • A report about Kucong Ethnic People

    Zhang Yan is a literature and language teacher in a junior high school in the county town. Her hometown is a small village 70 kilometers away. She was the first senior high school student of the Kucong group and the first one to attend college. Thanks to the financial support from the local government and the villagers, she was able to finish her education.

  • The Primitive Kucong Ethnic People

    The Kucong ethnic group is one of the poorest minorities in China. Until the 1950s they carried a nomadic primitive existence in the forests of the Ailaoshan Mountains.

  • Kucong People People in Laos

    More than 3,000 Kucong inhabit at least 16 villages of northern Laos. They are dispersed in the Long, Viangphouka and Luang Namtha districts of Luang Namtha Province, and the Meung and Tonpheung districts of Bokeo Province.

  • Liu Sanjie and March 3rd

    Liu Sanjie is a legendary figure in Zhuang's folk stories. The earliest story about her can be found in Volume 98 San Mei Shan of Yu Di Ji Sheng by Wang Xiangzhi in the Southern Song Dynasty. Many legends and folk songs about her have came into being since the Ming and Qing dynasties. More can be found in Zhuang people's oral folk tales and ballads.

  • Ashima of the Sani people

    Ashima is a character in Yi folk legend, and she is the heroine in the long folk narrative poem-"Ashima". It is said that she grew up in a common family, and had a brother Ahe (they are not brother and sister but lovers in some legend). They were very clever, diligent and kind since childhood. When Ashima grew up and became a beautiful girl, the ruler Rebubala wanted her to marry his son, but he was refused. Rebubala was shamed into anger and kidnapped Ashma away taking advantage of his power, but Ashima would rather die than submit.

  • The Hero Coming to the East----Wobaxi

    Wobaxi is the commander of Mongolian Torgut tribe in Weilate in Qing dynasty. When he could not bear the rule of tsarist Russia, and led his armies back to the east and returned to their motherland.

  • The First Emperor who unified the Country---Kublai Khan

    Kublai is the fourth son of Tuo Lei, son of Genghis Khan and brother of Mengge Khan. He was born in 1215. When he was still a child, he joined in the western expedition of the Mongol troops with Genghis Khan. When he became a young man, he began to consider displaying his ability in the country.

  • God's Favored Man of the Time---Genghis Khan

    ​Genghis Khan, whose name is Tie Muzhen (also called Te Meizhen, Te Mujin), is a member of Nilunmengguqiyan Boerzhijin clan. He was born in Dieliwen Boledahe (today, it is in Dadale, Kent province, Mongolia). When he was born, his father Yesugaibaatuer (1125---1171) had just defeated the Tatars, and seized their leader Tie Muzhen Wuge. To memorize this victory, his father named him Tie Muzhen (transliteration of Mongol, meaning "iron", "like iron"). According to Mongol Secret History, when Tie Muzhen was born, he held a big gore in his hand, which indicated his extraordinary fate and future.

  • Three Greatest Historical Works

    At the beginning of the 13th century, the Mongol Nationality created its own characters. After that, various kinds of works in history, literature etc. came out one after another, and some of them are even handed down to nowadays. The most famous ones are Mongol Secret History, Mongol Golden History, Mongol Headstream, which are called the Three Greatest Historical Works.

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