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Minority Handicrafts
Minority Handicrafts
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  • Holy Wooden Drum

    Every December in lunar calendar, flowers in Jino mountain bloom luxuriantly and the time of celebrating the harvest comes.

  • Famous Wax-dyeing Craft

    The wax-dyeing craft of the Buyi people has been famous for a long time. Even in Song Dynasty, records had it that wax-dyeing cloth was produced in Huishui, Guizhou province. In the historical book in Qing Dynasty, the so-called "cyanine glower cloth" was indeed wax-dyed cloth.

  • Crossbow and poisonous arrow

    The big mountains and canyons inhabited by Lisu people used to be all covered by primeval forest, and all kinds of birds and beasts haunted in the woods.

  • Head ornament studded with love---"Ele"

    The Lisus mainly inhabit mountain slope regions on either side of the Nujiang River, the Lancangjiang River and the Jinshajiang River. Previously they were divided into white Lisu, black Lisu and florid Lisu according to their clothes colors.

  • Reed-pipes are indispensable to the Miaos

    The Miaos' musical instruments are mainly pipe and percussion instruments. Pipe instruments are: reed pipe, vast bobbin, night vertical bamboo, sisters' vertical bamboo and bamboo flute. Percussion instruments are: bronze drum, wood drum and bronze gone.

  • The Miao embroidery with skillful needlework

    Embroidery refers to a kind of traditional handicraft, which weave figures on fabric with a needle threaded by colorful string. Embroidery skills are commonly used in Miao people's life. From teenage girls to old women graying at the temples, almost every woman is good at embroidering.

  • Hani Ethnic People, the sculptor of the earth

    With a total population of about 1.2 million, the Hani ethnic minority has enjoyed a long history. Most of them live in the south of Yunnan, including Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yuxi City and Pu’er City etc.

  • Aini Ethnic Peoples Shells and Silver Stories

    The Ainis, a branch of the Hani minority, are the most passionate about their dress of all the ethnic groups in the mountains of southern Yunnan Province, Southwest China.

  • Silver Ornaments of Aini Ethnic People

    The Aini people are particularly known for their elaborate costumes.They dress differently as they age, changing their head ornaments in particular. But whatever the changes, silver ornaments always play a significant role.

  • Hao hat and headkerchief

    The men of the Hui nationality generally wear white Chinese-style short gown on the upper body, and slip over it with a black Chinese-style sleeveless jacket, wear white or black little round hat with no brims, which is called as the "Huis hat", "Hao hat" and "worshiping hat".

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