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Minority Eating Habits
Minority Eating Habits
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  • Without tea, there will be headaches

    Lahu inhabitation is famous for its abundant tea. The Lahus are adept in planting tea and are good tea drinkers, too. Tea is one of the necessities of their life.

  • Put Wine on the Table; Put Words Aboveboard

    As a kind and hardworking people, they place etiquette in a high position. In a long history of social life, a set of ethic and moral ideas and principles of behaviors is formed to deal with their getting along with each other.

  • Fragrant Couch-Grass Barbecue and Fragrant Bamboo Rice

    Xishuangbanna, which is known as "the kingdom of plants", is also a flourishing place of rice production. Clever and skillful Dai women make use of rice to cook various kinds of staple food. They tread on Mu Dui (a wooden tool) to pestle paddy, once a day, only enough for use of that day.

  • "Milk Fan" and ""Three cups of tea"

    "Milk fan" is a traditional solid dairy product peculiar to the Bai nationality. It is mainly produced in Dengchuan of Eyuan County and has the shape of a fan. So, it is named as "milk fan" or "Dengchuan milk fan."

  • The Fragrance of Tea in De'ang Villages

    Tea is the life of the De'angs. And where there are De'angs, there is tea. So long as down this ancient song passes, So long the fragrance of tea lasts. This is an ancient song of the De'ang people. As an important drink, tea is an indispensable part of the De'ang grown-ups, both men and women.

  • The Covered Bowl Tea and the Congou

    China is the homeland of tea, and it is a general practice for Han people to drink tea. Serving the guests a cup of tea has become a noble courtesy of Han people. Tea is one of three major popular beverages in the world.

  • The Cuisine Families of ChinaThe Cuisine Families of China

    China is a country with a long history, vast territory, and multi-nationality. Because of the difference in climate, production, and customs, the cooking raw material, cooking method and people's taste vary a lot. So there have formed many local styles of cuisine.

  • The Fragrant and Sweet Oil-tea

    Oil-tea is a traditional food of The Dong people, popular in Dong areas of Guigou and Guangxi Provinces. It is a daily and festival food, made from tea, tea oil, parched rice and peanuts, through parching, frying and boiling.

  • The New Grain Dinner and the Long Dragon Banquet

    The Hanis around Honghe River have a custom of having "a new grain dinner" on the first dragon day in July of the lunar calendar. On that day, according to the old custom, every family should pull up a small bundle of grain with the root and the spike from their own paddy field. They should choose those holes in odd numbers and not greet anyone on the way back, no matter acquaintances or not, otherwise it will be ominous.

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