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Shiping County History

Shipping County pays more attention to education .Since the Ming dynasty,Shi ping has a quick development day by day, it has a famous reputation of South Yunnan, meanwhile ,Imperial talent is  in an endless stream, "five-step three scholars, faced two academician" in order two "literature of the State", "literature of South Yunnan the first State". Since the Republic of China, heritage history the excellent style of study, education, access tounprecedented development of education. 

Shiping is an ancient small town with rich history ,for example ,there appeared so many historical people in Shiping county .

Quantum six years (879) of nanzhao regime, under the sea military Governor. Song of Dali country, Shi Ping belonged to Yi an xiushan County. Mongolia Yuan dynasty for seven years (1270), Shi Ping set State, located under Lin an road (Linan modified Ming House, is a mountain total, winding road, wide open road). Hongwu15 (1382), "Shi ping States" for "Ishidaira State", change "screen." 15 year of Jiaqing (1810) lose capacity, think of the Vedas, falls, Zuo Neng, tile five toast into slag.

 (1913)it was changed to Shiping County, under mengzi road, 18 (1929) after cutting mengzi road,it is an administrative office. 23 (1934) designated Shiping,Xinping, Asan, Hexi, five in tonghai County part of the territory, and setlongwu Governing Council jurisdiction of Yuxi. 38 (1949) in July, the Yunnan Provincial Government Ministry Cabinet approved puzzles me concerns the longwu establishment long start, home counties, Yuxi, remain under the Agency.

In March 1950, in Jianshui County, it was located in South Yunnan area, Shiping, longwu counties is part of it . In April of the same year it moved to mengzi County Commissioner, Shiping, longwu County . in September of the year , long Wu County’s population is too small, the area is  too narrow set incomplete, turned on longwu establishment. In May 1953, longwu Governing Council was established, people's Government was relocated by Longwu county. 

 In May 1953, longwu Governing Council established people's Government relocated station from longwu county to longpeng county.   On November 18, 1957, withdrawn mengzi Agency,  Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous was established , Shiping,longwu counties were under its Jurisdiction. Shiping County, November 1, 1958, longwu counties merged,Shiping County, until today.


 History people

 Yuanjiagu袁嘉谷(1872-1937),borned in Shiping county,also named Shuwu(字树五),and Shupu(树圃),Pingshan Householder(屏山居士)。 In 1903,he won  the title of 62 th scholar of Imperial II.he also became the first person of economic section .Yunnan Has set province since Yuan dynasty,it has been six huderds years , but Yuanjiagu is the only person to be successful in the ,the local people called him the first man in economic section or the only top scorer in Yuannan province .

In 1900,Eight countries Allied invased Beijing,Guangxu emperor and Cixi queen escaped to Xi’an to aviod war,unti 1903 they moved back from Xi’an to ,adopted ministers’ suggestion,did the test about economic section(经济特科),recruited talents who are good at economy in the world .fortunately ,Yuanjiagu who was in a small town ,Shiping ,was recommended by Weiguangshou ,he went to Beijing for the test. After central examination( 会试)、imperial examination(殿试),He was admitted as the winner of economic section,being the only top scorer in Yunnan province.

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